4 most flirtatious zodiacs who’ll make you blush


If you’re familiar with the fundamentals of astrology, you’re probably aware of how your astrological birth chart can reveal the deepest parts of yourself, such as your romantic side and your desire to flirt. Do you tend to get all flirty and cozy with the people you meet? If the answer is yes, you’re probably one of the most flirtatious zodiac signs. Read along to find out!


When it comes to flirting, Libra is the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, passion and romance. Librans appreciate aesthetic beauty more than any other sign and romanticize almost everything. They live to love and aren’t afraid to risk everything for their desires. They have an irresistible quality of making people feel at ease, making them forget all their troubles and teaching them what it’s like to fully live in a moment.


These adventurous babies can flirt with just about anyone. They are the perfect candidate for one of the flirtiest signs due to their experience, broad knowledge base and love for traveling and exploration. Sagittarians enjoy open and bold flirting and love their freedom over everything else. There’s barely anything subtle about their flirting style and this attitude can be off-putting to some of the quieter signs.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the sign of communication. This is what makes Geminis great conversationalists and thus good with words and flirting. They have the best conversation starters and often impress everyone with their quirky, smart pick-up lines. The good thing is, a Gemini will never just flirt around for fun, they will only chase you if they have a sure thing for you. If they are serious, they will never shy away from confessing their feelings in the most romantic way possible.


Leos have a kind heart and a cheerful demeanor, and these admirable and charming traits make them effortlessly flirtatious. Since Leos are ruled by the fifth house, which is the place of all things pleasurable, their life philosophy centers on empowering themselves through pleasurable activities. The sign of Leo is tied up to dating and fertility and you can never hold them back when it comes to adventure. This joyful, thrilling and fresh personality makes Leo a love magnet.



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