4 Zodiacs who are most likely to run away from commitment


Nothing is more hurtful than falling completely in love with someone who doesn’t seem willing to commit. You feel like you’ve discovered the ideal partner to spend the rest of your life with, only to discover they’re not quite ready for it. For some people, it is challenging to settle down and stick to one person as they keep changing their minds and favor independence over everything else. While being independent and seeking constant change can be good traits, they are not quite rewarding in terms of commitment. Find out why is it so hard for some signs to commit.


To Geminis, their freedom is of utmost importance and they hate it when someone tries to take it away. They want to grab all the opportunities and keep bouncing from one thing to other. Hence, the idea of sticking to a single relationship, makes them feel quite overwhelmed.

Geminis also struggle with confusion and indecisiveness, they have the rare quality of finding something good in every scenario. Now, finding the silver lining in every situation can be good but this restricts them from choosing either option. Another thing about Geminis is that, they take time to let people in. If they feel things are moving too fast, they’ll disappear before you know.


Virgos don’t seem to make commitments easily. They keep humming and hawing over making concrete choices. This is due to the fact that Virgos are extremely picky and can always find reasons to be worried. It’s quite understandable why it’s so challenging for them to find an ideal partner when there are so many boxes to tick.

Now, combine this indecisive nature with the most famous trait of an earth sign, perfectionism. Even when they do they get into a relation, let’s just say, they aren’t exact easy to please. Others may find it quite exhausting to meet their fixed, borderline irrational requirements.


This zodiac sign is the ultimate commitment dodger. Although they certainly have kind hearts and care about those around them, they just value their freedom much more. Relationships don’t symbolize security to Sagittarians simply because they are fiercely independent.

Only a partner who is totally cool with them, vanishing and coming back whenever they want, can allow Sagittarius to truly commit to them as they are extremely scared of being held down.


Aquarians have an innate dislike of being restrained and are determined to maintain their freedom and independence. However, it’s a bit more complicated than this, Aquarians usually have an idealized, unrealistic notion of what a partnership should include and anyone who doesn’t live up to their standard will be abruptly cut off.

Additionally, they struggle to take constructive criticism in stride and will use even the smallest amount of criticism as a reason to end a relationship immediately. Also, there’s never much you can predict about an Aquarian’s behavior and you may never understand why did they detach.



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