4 Zodiacs who are way too self-critical


Self-criticism can surely be beneficial in terms of enhancing self-awareness and promoting personal progress. However, being too self critical can leave you dwelling on your mistakes for a long time. It’s essential to learn from your mistakes but it’s even more important to move on from them. According to astrology, these 4 zodiacs are too hard on themselves. Read along to learn if you’re one of them, it may push you to let things go and appreciate the positives.


You know you top the list when it comes to being Mr. /Mrs. perfect. You’re hard on yourself to a limit where you may over analyze almost everything. While being a perfectionist can be great sometimes, it may also be damaging and can hamper your self-esteem even through the slightest of failures and mishaps.

Your expectations of yourself are so high that they may border on self-harm. It is essential that you give yourself credit for the fab work that you do and give your mind a little break, you’re doing great!


C’mon, now don’t beat yourself up for coming second on this list. Not everything is a competition, Capricorn. The amount of pressure you put on yourself can be distressing and harmful. We know you like to work the hardest and hate it when you’re unable to do your best but please start giving your self credit for always trying your best.

You have so many admirable qualities, the list is endless. Don’t criticize yourself for the little flaws, rather embrace them. You are doing a great job!


You wish to be admired and believe that having no imperfections is the best approach to win people’s approval. However, by doing this, you’re literally setting your self up for failure. We all have faults, weaknesses and insecurities and ignoring or avoiding them can do more harm than good.

It is important that you begin by accepting your flaws, appreciate criticism and work towards being better person. Just a little better than you were yesterday.


You don’t always have to pretend that nothing at all bothers you. We all have all kinds of feelings. We’re humans, our feelings demand to be felt. You might think pushing your feelings is a great idea but it’s not. You will have to deal with them one day and it’s better if you do it one by one before it all piles up in your head and brings you trouble.

You’re a nonconformist and often feel like you may not fit in, don’t let these thoughts govern your social behavior. Let loose and feel free to open up and share your excellent and unique ideas with the world.



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