5 unpredictable zodiacs who never play by the rule


We all experience certain mood swings and react differently to what life throws at us. However, for some zodiacs who are more volatile and unpredictable, these mood fluctuations may happen more frequently — or even appear out of nowhere. If you relate to such frequent shifts in your mood, you may be one of the most unpredictable zodiacs. Read along to find out!


Aquarians are the rebels of the Zodiac. They don’t let anyone write the rules of their lives. They think for themselves and are rarely persuaded by what others say. There’s never much you can predict about an Aquarians next step as they live in the present moment and tend to roll with whatever comes their way. These water babies also, don’t get disappointed easily when things don’t go as planned.


Pisceans have the craziest imagination, maybe even bizarre sometimes. One can only imagine the terror if they decides to transform their thoughts into reality. They tend to do whatever they want, whenever they want. You never know what they’ll say or do, but you can be sure it’ll be entertaining. These babies are creative and see things from their own unique perspectives, which makes them fascinating and surprising.


These fiery babies are fearless and impulsive and this is what that makes them unpredictable. Aries are the daredevils of the zodiac and love doing things that scare them. In fact, they can be dangerous at times as they might do something crazy without thinking it through. Aries also have a volatile temper, so you never know when they lash out and create a scene.


Sagittarius is the sign that embraces change the best. To them, the predictable is boring and monotonous, they love getting out of their comfort zones and pushing their boundaries. Sags hate making plans and love to be spontaneous. Just when you think you’ve figured them out they’ll surprise you with something insane and unpredictable.


Geminis are the impulsive ones and they hate planning things in advance. They do what they feel is right in the moment. These active babies usually have a lot going on and like keeping things new and exciting, so you never know what they’ll do or say next. Geminis also, often lack a sense of direction which makes them rely further on their instincts.



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