5 Zodiacs who are terrific dancers: Find out if you’ve got the moves


Dance is the hidden language of the soul and any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all. It helps you express yourself in ways that cannot be explained with words. It’s true that anybody can dance but some people are just born to dance. Read along to find out who are natural born dancers as per astrology.


You own the stage and it’s magical when you perform. You find yourself in your art and you often express yourself through it. Your confidence, drive and determination is what makes you a great dancer. Your moves only get more polished as you age. You know who’s a Leo and a terrific performer? Jennifer Lopez who’s 50 but still rocks the stage!


Dear Virgo, when it comes to art, how can we miss you? You’re born with all traits needed for success- punctuality, resilience, discipline and motivation. You also have good spatial awareness and strong instincts that make you an amazing dancer. From Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar to international stage icons Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, Virgos have always owned the stage.


Everyone’s eyes naturally gravitate towards you the moment you walk on to the stage. You yourself have an innate respect and appreciation for beauty. You understand your audience well and give them the most visually pleasing experience. Your loyalty, determination and ability to learn from your mistakes makes you a great artist. The queen of dance and our hearts, Madhuri Dixit is also a Taurean.


From stars of the 1980s like Rekha Ji to the heartthrob of our generation, Ranbir Kapoor, Librans have made a permanent place in our hearts. You have a natural sense of rhythm and you make the craziest moves look so effortless. Most importantly, you have your own unique style that makes you stand out.


From Shahid Kapoor and Tiger Shroff to the lead actress of ABCD (Anybody Can Dance), Shraddha Kapoor, some really iconic dancers fall under this sign. You have beautiful moves and your bodies can convey feelings that words can’t. You have a wild imagination, so there’s always something out of the box and new that you can offer to your audience.



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