Aquarius Horoscope Today:Daily predictions for July 2, '22 states, eye on future


AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) Family may remain the backbone of some Aquarius natives and help them excel. The blessing and support of loved ones will have a favorable effect on your efforts. Some challenges may crop up for professionals today. Keep an eye on the future while taking any important decisions. There can be a delay from clients in orders or payments but don’t doubt their attention. Tread with patience. Aquarius businesspersons can explore investment opportunities which are likely to bring substantial gains in future. If you are married, the beginning of the day will bring positive news for your children. They are likely to progress in their studies which will make you happy and proud. You will have a good start to the day as you are likely to finalize a deal to buy or sell a property. Some of you may get to fulfil the dream of going abroad.

Aquarius Finance Today An unexpected increase in expenses can disturb your peace of mind. To avoid stress, keep yourself calm and work on a plan to get out of this problem. Aquarius businesspeople may be required to make critical business decisions relating to new revenue streams.

Aquarius Family Today The health and well-being of your children are likely to improve today. Towards the end of the day, you would be inclined to spend some quality time with your friends and relive memories. Take the blessings of your mother before initiating any new venture.

Aquarius Career Today You are likely to have a hectic day due to the increasing workload on all fronts. Therefore, it would be better for you not to lose your patience under any circumstance. Streamline your work to complete important projects on time. Be discreet about financial matters with a co-worker.

Aquarius Health Today Eating on time will help you avoid gaining weight and maintain a fit physique. Some people are likely to explore a workout programmed. The health issue that has been bothering you for a long time may subside very soon.

Aquarius Love Life Today Those Aquarians facing problems in married life will soon get a resolution to persisting issues. Relationship with your spouse will remain favorable and a cooperative approach will ensure a cordial homely environment.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Red

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