Battling self-confidence? Here are some astrological and vastu tips


Confidence is absolutely necessary to become successful in life. Many times, even after a lot of hard work, you might not be able to achieve success. In such a situation, one of the responsible reasons could be a lack of self-confidence. Vastu Shastra mentions some special remedies, following which may boost confidence of a person. Let’s know about such measures:

To increase self-confidence, a person may wear a Moonga Ratna (Coral Gem). 

It is believed that giving food and water to birds may also increase self-confidence. 

Decorate your living room with a picture of the rising sun or a running horse. This helps in increasing self-confidence and also removes negativity from the home. The horse should be running inwards. Never sit facing an empty wall as it might shake your self-confidence.

Keep a Shani Yantra (Saturn device) in your home. 

Hang lemon and green chilies at the entrance of your home. If the lemon gets dry then replace it only on a Saturday. 

Feed cows with green fodder. Also, feed dogs and love them. Keep fish at home and there must be at least two golden fish.

To boost self-confidence, wake up early in the morning and worship the rising sun. Recite ‘Aditya Hriday Srota’ on a regular basis. Offering water to lord Sun every morning enhances self-confidence. Face the East direction while having food.

Keep the windows of your house open. Doing so brings in positive energy. Do not sit with your back directly in front of the window, as it drains energy and reduces confidence.

Chant Gayatri mantra in the morning. Keep a picture of a mountain right behind your seat. Spend your time with people who are filled with positive energy and stay away from the people who find fault in others.


Note: The information shared in this article is based on religious and public beliefs. It has solely been presented, keeping in view the general interest of the public.



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