Birthday Thoughts for these signs from July 20 to 27 July 2022


Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 20: Ruled by number 2, Moon and overlooked by Mercury. Out of our four basic elements “Water” is the one which is talisman for you. You will be like a pendulum moving to and fro from your one country together for jaunting as well as business trips. You are conservative and choosy about making friends. Your friends are special for you but any kind of misbehaved character will generate brush aside attitude from your side. Manipulation of your feelings may bother you and you will feel loneliness. You love yourself more than any other person. Marvelous time period: July, November, January and April.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 21: Ruled by number 3, Jupiter and effect of Mercury also, you have killing looks which always makes opposite sex to roam around you. Your wisdom is immaculate and beyond imagination. You will get lot of surprises from your employer which even takes you close to the top-notch position in your company. Your archetype facts will get prestige and highly productive for you. Your volition is as strong as stones so keep going with your instincts. Surprises can be in the form of increasing remuneration or overseas tour with your family. Fruitful time: December, January, and April.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 22 :Ruled by number 4 and planet Uranus and supported by Mercury also, you are cool headed lad and jolts everybody mind by your intellectual way of talking. Make guidelines and do not leave the task bare. Properly investigate the things before dwell into any matter be it related to family or business otherwise unduly may become culprit. Don’t get impulsive while taking any decision. Other aspects of life tend to attract you towards them like some artwork or some euphony which warms your heart. Your leadership qualities will take you beyond imagination in your work which at times also brings you under the ambit of criticizing others. Eventful time: November, March and May.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 23: Ruled by number 5 and Mercury, for students and professional, studies and work will make you so much busy bodied that you have no time to breathe. Try to be close to this elementYou should go for some spiritual classes which comforts your chaos mind. A trip to some adventure island is your top priority. You will explore new exciting and thrilling sports activities as rafting, skiing and diving. Your expectation might get unfulfilled by your spouse that may irritate you but at the end of the day you spend quality time with them. Value your better half emotions carefully. Lucky months- August, February, June and July.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 24: Ruled by number 6 Venus and overpowered by Mercury, upcoming year brings lot of name and fame for you. Love is in the air for you. You are likely to get someone special in your life who converts you to a responsible and matured person. Your way of handling the audience is incredible. You are blessed with some traits that are the need of the hour. Derogatory class people will grab your attention as your emotions flows for them too. Even if you do not have resources you try to help everyone out of the box. This makes your soul to feel atonement. Gaining time period: October, February, April and May.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 25 : Ruled by number 7 and planet Neptune and ardently controlled by Mercury, you always tend to work on Gandhi Ji’s principle i.e., nonviolence. Socialism is in your eyes. It’s good time for the suffered people as they find you as the solution of their worries and tension. Every person wants to be with you. You are in high demand everywhere. Your physical beauty is like drugs for the people. They find themselves trapped every time they meet you under your black magic of your flamboyant and live nature. Your magic spell liked by everyone. Result oriented time: September, November and January.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 26: Ruled by number 8, and ordered by Saturn and Mercury, spending on luxurious items will be high on your cards. In the entire campaign of life till now you debar yourself from any clashes at home or at your workplace. You always bounce back with great thrust when faced with challenges face to face. Running time will bring lot of triumph and success for you before signing off. Auspicious and significant months would be November, December, March and April.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on July 27: Ruled by number 9 and promising planets are Mars and Mercury, you may face back-to-back problems but the potential in you takes the center stage and your reign continues over hurdles. Well contented married life will be there for you. You will get full support, cooperation and loyal from your spouse. Any person of water element or anything of water element would be beneficial for your business ventures. Any sea city would bring a lot of happiness in your upcoming life. September, October, February and June will be lucky for you.



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