Capricorn Horoscope Today, September 24, 2022: Expect a family surprise


CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21) This is a good day for Capricorn natives. Your good financial condition may allow you to spend on the things you always wanted in your life. Some may go for home or office renovation. Healthwise, it’s a fine day. You may get chance to watch your favourite movie and read a book. Some may find ways to relax their mind and body and feel fresh.

Those who have been working hard to complete a project on the given deadline, they may succeed in their efforts. Their hard work and sincerity may get them appreciation from clients and seniors. Your parents may visit you and plan a surprise party for you and it can cheer your mood up and make you feel grateful for the wonderful people you have in your life. Everything may go smoothly today, but some love issues may cause mental stress, so try to handle them wisely.

What lies further? Read ahead:

Capricorn Finance Today:

It’s also a good day on the financial front. Stuck or outstanding payment may clear today. You may also buy something expensive to your kids. Some may also renew their health insurance policy.

Capricorn Family Today:

The day may bring mixed results on the family front. Your sibling may connect with you to check on you. Some may attend social events and get chance to meet old friends or co-workers.

Capricorn Career Today:

It seems to be a good and productive day at work. You may get more responsibilities at work, so it’s your chance to show your hidden potential today.

Capricorn Health Today:

This is a moderate day on the health front. You may face some health issues related to head, neck and upper back. Some may join new fitness regime to get back in shape.

Capricorn Love Life Today:

This is not a good day on the love front. Avoid imposing your will on your partner as he or she may own plans.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Color: Red



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