Capricorn Horoscope Today:Daily prediction for July 9,'22 states, business trip


CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21) Capricorns, your family life looks lively. In the company of elders and children at home, you may get to relax. It may have a good impact on your health. You may feel energized and content, resulting in general wellbeing. Your financial situation may be satisfactory. Despite multiple income sources, your expenses may not be tackled. However, your romantic life is likely to grow monotonous. To spice things up and enjoy intimacy with your significant other, you may need to breathe new life into your relationship. Your job situation appears problematic. The tedium of your job may cause you to lose interest. You may look for better options. It could be a time-consuming process. A sponsored business trip is likely to provide you an opportunity to visit new places and build new connections in a different country. Property transactions could be profitable. Students may clear their exams with flying colors.

Capricorn Finance Today The day is full of ups and downs on the financial front for Capricorns. An ancestral property may provide financial benefits. However, due to increased expenses and irresponsible spending, there is a risk of running out of money.

Capricorn Family Today For Capricorn natives, a young relative is likely to get accepted into a foreign university, bringing joy and enthusiasm in the extended family. Birth of a child may also lift everyone’s mood. It is an excellent day for planning an outing.

Capricorn Career Today On the professional front, the day does not appear promising. You may not be able to handle new responsibilities assigned to you at work. This could have a direct impact on your prospects of getting an increment or a promotion.

Capricorn Health Today Due to your fitness-conscious habits, Capricorns, you are likely to enjoy good health. Swimming and jogging may keep you physically fit. Yoga asanas can help you to strengthen your core while also calming your mind.

Capricorn Love Life Today Capricorns, your romantic life is satisfactory, but you may need to revive your passions in order to breathe fresh life into a dull relationship. To keep your romance lively, try engaging in enjoyable activities with your partner.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Peach

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