Career Horoscope for August 17'22: Zodiacs are likely to find imbalance at work


Aries: Sincerity is one of your defining traits. You put forward your genuine self and hope that others will accept it. Unfortunately, practising discretion and tact is sometimes necessary. You may need to take a measured, deliberate approach to a problem today. The situation is too complex for an unstructured method of communication to work. Develop empathy to find a lasting resolution.

Taurus: Your job security is vulnerable to senior management whims, so be prepared for the unexpected. But if you pay close attention, you’ll be able to adjust to the new schedule in no time. The status quo has likely grown stale for you, so the shift can be a welcome relief. On a more intimate front, your other team mates may also be itching for a change, so be sure to hear them out.

Gemini: Today at work, you could find yourself in the middle of a heated debate with a co-worker. Your temperament may be more volatile than normal, and your words may hurt those around you. Evaluate your state of mind and determine if you’re truly fatigued or exhausted. Once your emotions subside and your minds return to the debate at hand, you will find a solution quickly.

Cancer: Today might be the day you get the itch to shake things up when it comes to growth opportunities. You’re an original thinker who wants to share their thoughts with the world. Given your impatience and strong self of confidence, you may be inclined to challenge your superiors at work. However, this tactic may not yield the desired result. Be polite and courteous and let your work do the talking.

Leo: The results of your recent hard effort on the job are becoming apparent. You have boundless hope for the future, and your confidence and energy are through the roof. But hold your horses for the time being. Don’t be so hard on yourself; take a short break from the routine every once in a while. You’ve probably been pushing yourself too hard, and need some time off to rest and recharge.

Virgo: In order to improve your chances of having a successful job in the future, you will need to demonstrate some initiative in the workplace today. It is important to keep in mind that the performance and outcomes you get will have a direct bearing on the progression of your career. You should strive to improve your skill set in order to offer yourself an advantage over other people.

Libra: A number of important business meetings and obligations have been scheduled for today. Coordinating multiple tasks at once can be challenging, but if you can pull it off, you’ll amaze your superiors and co-workers. If you give today everything you’ve got and really shine at whatever it is you’re working on, you might just find that some things start to go your way and that your efforts are recognised.

Scorpio: Because of what you’ve accomplished at work today, you’ll get a lot of respect from your superiors. Your optimistic outlook has helped you and your co-workers get along better than ever before. It’s because you want to actually help people out in the real world. Don’t let the praise make you cocky; keep up the excellent work. Working as a team will make your life much simpler.

Sagittarius: You will find out today that your professional life has a few unexpected surprises in store for you. It’s possible that a person with whom you have only a distant connection has been keeping tabs on your performance at work and has been pleased by what they’ve seen. A job offer in a related field could come out of the blue for you to consider. Think about the great chance you have.

Capricorn: Keep your eyes and ears open. Even if things are going swimmingly at work, you never know what unanticipated doors today can open for you at the workplace. Some unexpected changes may be occurring right in your own company. New and exciting opportunities are emerging, so you should expect to have your plate full for the foreseeable future. Listen closely for any updates.

Aquarius: Today is the day to take a leap of faith in your career. Unexpectedly, you will have a strong want to move forward with your plans. It’s possible that you’re being led to action by your instincts. You’ll feel the urge to make some changes to your financial situation. This will lead you to look for a new position or work. Consult an expert to help you take the right decisions whether financial or professional.

Pisces: Just roll with the punches. Despite the fact that your professional identity is changing and your professional network is aligned to your goals, there is no harm in moulding yourself in a new professional role. Look for ways to consider upgrading your skills and learning things which you haven’t so far. This will give you an edge over competitors and propel your career to new heights.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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