Career Horoscope for October 17, 2022: These signs need to be more diplomatic


Aries: Don’t second-guess yourself. As you tend to have a positive outlook on life, you might be difficult to bring down when your mood dips. In contrast, modern technology allows you to promote any aspect of your professional identity, whether you like it or not. When you come face to face with an attribute or style that does not fit you, you should think about how you might enhance this component of your professional identity.

Taurus: In the next days, try to be frugal. When it comes to money, you may feel a bit adventurous. It’s reasonable to reward yourself after a period of hard work, but it’s also crucial not to fall into debt doing so. Have fun with your financial outlays, and don’t go overboard with your spendings during the festive season. Stop and think before you spend all your money on catchy deals insanity.

Gemini: The way you feel about the groundwork of your career is important. It’s possible that your philosophical bent is on full display today. The desire to alter fundamental aspects of your professional and personal life may cause you to feel restless. To feel revitalised, you need probably change your environment. If possible, experiment with alternative work areas. It might mean moving to a new office or taking on a new division.

Cancer: You may discover that during the following few days you have a strong desire to network with other successful professionals who share your goals and ideals. Now is a great time to reach out to new people, whether online or in person. The trick is to know when to zero in on certain connections so that you may cultivate an abundance of those you already have.

Leo: You are now at a point in life where dipping into your money is second nature. In an effort to feel safe with your money, you can jump around from one investment to another. It’s tempting to go headfirst into something that sounds amazing, but the current energy suggests checking in with someone you trust first. Before signing anything, be sure you’ve gotten your trusted person’s opinion.

Virgo: Today will be a day filled with positivity and self-assurance. Your focus will be skewed by a need for financial gain. Nothing will stand in the way of the normal flow of business as usual. Your wittiness at work will help you get everything done on time. You can probably bring the quickness and keep the effectiveness. Your meetings will go swimmingly, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Libra: You can be assured that everything will go swimmingly since you’ll be able to strike a healthy balance between your job responsibilities and your personal connections. Now is an excellent opportunity to give serious consideration to those things that provide you the most serenity in your professional life. Indeed, there will be instances in which you get personally close to some employees.

Scorpio: If there was ever a day to focus intensely on crucial workplace matters, it would be today. Although it may take a lot of time and effort, you will be successful in the end because of your determination to find a resolution to the issues. The office will be busy, and you will probably be preoccupied with finding solutions to difficult problems. If you are requested to put in extra hours, you shouldn’t be taken aback.

Sagittarius: You could be feeling anxious about your obligations since you aren’t as adept at planning them as you usually are today. A formal perspective may not appeal to you. Attending a workshop or seminar might help you advance in your chosen field. You’ll have an open mind and be willing to take in the suggestions of your co-workers, both of which will contribute to your professional development.

Capricorn: You may be interested in making some future plans today. You’re maturing into a more sensible person, and that’ll serve you well today. Projects with a high probability of success are more likely to attract your attention. Today is a great day for planning important meetings. It’s possible that you’ll be given a lot on your plate. If you want to advance in your job, you shouldn’t turn down these opportunities.

Aquarius: You will be keen to strike a healthy balance between your personal and professional commitments. Your work routine may be disrupted if you have to tend to an emergency at home. Yet you will be able to complete your tasks and make sure things move forward without a hitch. Diplomacy is required at this time. Neither the most vital work nor the weightiest decisions should be done now.

Pisces: Make a career out of what inspires you creatively. Your enthusiasm for your ideas and hobbies will increase. If you are an artistic or creative person, now is the time to embrace your talents and seek out ways to enhance whatever it is you’re working on. You may be unable to accept your true motivations while having fantastic ideas to introduce. Don’t dilly-dally or you could miss your chance.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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