Career Horoscope for October 7, '22: These signs may experience changes today


Aries: You could be experiencing some job-related weariness today. Your mind may be racing with a plethora of aspirational goals. The growth of your career and your bank account may be affected by some of these. Now is a good time to plot out how you’ll go about making your dreams come true, even if that won’t happen overnight. Create a plan of action that will get you moving in the right direction.

Taurus: Today is going to be a good day for you in every aspect. Everything will go well, and you’ll accomplish your work on time. You’ll spend much of your day in the company of kind, helpful colleagues. You’ll have a great time since the focus will be on communication and self-expression. You like nothing more than getting together with co-workers who you look upto and would like to emulate.

Gemini: Today is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your progress toward your current objectives or to establish some new ones. It is imperative that you begin making a list immediately if you haven’t already. Get your ideas out on paper first. Do not censor yourself while you write out your thoughts. Don’t try to control your ideas. The next stage is to prioritise the list, add in the necessary actions, and think about possible timelines.

Cancer: Most likely, you’re feeling very good about where you stand professionally right now. Your performance has been superb over the previous few weeks. Your recent problem-solving prowess at work has been noticed by higher-ups, and you’re finally getting some of the credit you’ve earned. Changes in your workplace may be presenting challenges, but now is the day to prove that you can rise to meet them.

Leo: The time has come for you to shine! Everyone, even your superiors, will notice and value your hard work and dedication on the job. You’ll find that you’re really looking forward to going to work, and that your perception of it has shifted completely. Your brilliant mind will not only benefit you personally, but also those closest to you, who will be better off for having listened to your counsel.

Virgo: Capitalize on the trust and cooperation you’ve established today to help you reach where you need to go. Today, your co-workers will back any choices you make. It’s likely that everyone from lower-level employees to higher-ups is on board with your plans. Don’t waste this opportunity to further establish yourself as a leader through the introduction of new programmes.

Libra: Today, you should notice an improvement in your ability to convey ideas. If you have trouble putting your emotions into words, you may find this a refreshing change. One option for dealing with unsolved conflicts is to sit down with the people involved. With your newfound fortitude and assurance, you should be able to resolve the situation with minimal difficulty and time spent.

Scorpio: It’s possible that nowadays you’re thinking of making a change in your professional life. You may be worried about money issues now. Think about what you can do right now to fix the problem. Perhaps it’s time to approach your boss about a pay increase. On the other hand, you may think about consulting as a side gig. There are a lot of quick fixes that may be applied here. So, don’t give in to your anxiety!

Sagittarius: Maintain personal responsibility for your ability to articulate yourself. Improve your capacity to carry on business discussions by reorganising your conversational skills. Consider how you might develop into a more attentive listener in business settings. Evaluate the potential reactions of the people you communicate with, online or off. In the job, it’s important to strike the right tone.

Capricorn: Perhaps you already have a crystal-clear idea of the sort of working person you want to be. This breakthrough may be related to how you present yourself in a business context or how you make an initial impression on a new acquaintance. You should take into account the opinions of others if they provide suggestions or criticism. You never know how it could help you improve as a professional.

Aquarius: Generally speaking, you favour focusing on the here and now. However, you could be tempted to speculate about how your profession might develop in the far future and make plans accordingly. Amid the anxiety of such forethought, though, is the possibility of discovering something truly remarkable, creative, and beneficial to arrange. Take some time right now to get ready for the future.

Pisces: With the help of your co-workers, you will be able to focus your efforts where they will do the most good. However, you must think of fresh approaches and equip yourself to implement them effectively. Join forces with your co-workers, but don’t forget to take individual credit for your efforts. Help your co-workers and you’ll soon realise that they’re helping you just as much.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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