Career Horoscope for Sep 19,2022: Astro tips for a progressive career path


Aries: Your senior’s opinion of the worth of your efforts can change which can bring some unexpected turns. For some, this could mean charging more for their services if they believe they are worth more than their present level. For some, this may mean that their income will increase based on past performance, such as when they receive a bonus or a pay raise. Be ready to negotiate the right price. 

Taurus: You’ll have to make some significant adjustments to your budget. An unexpected bill could force you to rethink your financial plan. It could motivate you to make positive adjustments to your current way of life, such as saving for a specific goal or a long-term project. Some of these adjustments could consist of reducing discretionary spending and looking for a side project that makes use of your skills. 

Gemini: The tension you’re feeling today may help you discover a comfortable middle way as you negotiate the twists. Your career will be thrown off-kilter, opening up new opportunities and challenges. A moment of brilliance or an unexpected achievement could earn you some much-deserved kudos. Your career could take a different path, one that leads to something more reliable while still feeling genuine.

Cancer: Take stock of your financial resources. Inflationary pressures and policy changes could create ambiguity in a contract or the incurrence of more credit. Shared assets may lose value if inflation erodes the purchasing power of the currency you use to buy new assets. Before taking on any new financial obligations, you should make every effort to stabilise the ones you have now.

Leo: Think positively about the future and open yourself up to new career possibilities. You may experience a strong want to take on responsibilities that allow you to express your artistic ideas and skills. Talk about it while you’ve got the enthusiasm. Make it known; propose it to your co-workers. Your co-workers’ receptiveness to your guidance may come as a pleasant surprise. 

Virgo: Right now, you may be questioning whether your career path was the best option. You’ve been contemplating a job shift due to the overwhelming pressure you’re under at work. It’s a good moment to weigh your alternatives, and doing so will lead to some fascinating discoveries. Examine opportunities inside and outside of your current profession to broaden your perspective on what’s possible.

Libra: The people you meet and relationships you cultivate today will pay dividends in a variety of unseen ways in the future. Meet new people and cultivate existing connections; today is a great day for business networking and client visits. Put on your most endearing face. Don’t be bashful about handing out your business card! While not every new connection will prove fruitful, others will prove to be invaluable.

Scorpio: At work today, will continue to shine. No matter what you do, it will turn out wonderfully. Some of your co-workers may be slightly envious of your success. It is a good day to give a presentation to your clients, it will go so well that not only are they impressed, but so is your boss. Today is the day to put your best foot forward so that none of your admirers will have any reason to distrust you.

Sagittarius: People who are artistically inclined will find success today because of the chance to show off their skills. You should not let this chance pass you by. Take advantage of any and all opportunities that may lead you to future success. The good news is that your quick mind will help you out today, allowing you to make the right choices when you face some moderate challenges.

Capricorn: Try not to be overly cautious in all situations. If you are apprehensive and tense, then everyone else in the room will feel the same way as a result of your behaviour. It is in your best interest to put a stop to it right now. You are surrounded by people who can act as pillars of support. There are beacons that serve as lights that aid point the way. If you make use of these individuals and resources, you will be successful.

Aquarius: Try not to think about the problems of the distant future and instead focus on current issues. The position you’re in now has tremendous possibilities. You should be growing, not shrinking. There’s no point in getting worked up about the opposition and picking a battle with them. Because you can’t win against them, you might as well join them. Focus less on your differences and more on the common ground.

Pisces: Take care not to give in too easily. It’s true that if you give someone an ounce, they’ll take a mile. When the going gets rough, you must be ready to defend your position. You will have the ability to see past the surface details of any circumstance and understand what really matters. In a time like this, this skill will be invaluable. Ask more in-depth questions if you feel the need to.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779



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