Career Horoscope for Sep 6, 2022: You will receive praise for leadership skills


Aries: Today, when you are swamped with work and have a number of deadlines to meet, your ability to keep your cool under intense scrutiny will be your most valuable asset. The clarity will reflect in your performance even when you are subjected to unreasonable levels of job pressure. Because of your positive mental attitude and determined commitment, you will emerge victorious.

Taurus: Try your best to get everything done today, even if you have a lot on your plate as a result of work or other obligations; that way, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the enjoyable activities you’ve planned. It is also a wonderful opportunity to broaden your network and take advantage of any other insights that may be lurking there. More you interact with others today, the better it will be. 

Gemini: You will likely receive praise for your leadership skills today. As a reward for following company policy and procedures with integrity, you will gain respect. In order to complete the task at hand, you will employ every available resource and do it in a methodical fashion. On the other hand, make sure they have room to breathe and the freedom to be themselves. Doing so would make you look good.

Cancer: Your personal and professional lives will both go from strength to strength today. You can probably anticipate being required to multitask quite a bit at your place of employment. However, if you are successful in pulling off these tactics, you will discover that the scenario works to your advantage and becomes more favourable overall. Ensure that every member of your staff knows they are appreciated.

Leo: It’s high time that you made a significant shift in how you go about your work. Discuss your options with others to figure out what to do next. People will open up to you and offer their opinions and advice. However, be selective in your conflicts. Attempting to take on every problem at once is futile. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to solve every problem; just do what you can.

Virgo: When two people look at the same situation from different perspectives, it can result in disagreements. Stay focused and don’t let the flawed logic of others throw you off. Take charge of a situation that’s going nowhere fast and get it under control. It’s possible that delays are being caused by someone’s hesitation regarding a matter relating to their profession. Now is the time to show off your strength.

Libra: If you’re having trouble getting where you need to go, try talking to some new people. If you speak up and let people know what you know, what you want, and what scares you, you may just find yourself in a position to seize some of the opportunities that are waiting for you. It’s beneficial to be honest with oneself about one’s own thoughts and opinions and separate fact from fiction. 

Scorpio: There will be significant shifts in how you divide your time between business and personal life. Right about now, you might feel an unusual longing for the comforts of home. It’s possible that you’ve been giving some serious thought to starting any sort of home improvement or remodelling venture. You may discover that you have extra time on your hands to devote to personal pursuits. 

Sagittarius: Create a name for yourself in your current communication. You might wish to be more opinionated in your discussions at work today. You can get lucky if you stand up for yourself instead of giving in. Take advantage of the favourable time and assert your authority by, for example, establishing certain limits or providing some direct criticism. Some good fortune may come your way. 


Capricorn: You may feel compelled to re-evaluate your professional persona and outlook. Sometimes you may feel like you’re locked in a painful period of development. However, you will be motivated to act. Potentially alluring is the pursuit of a long-held professional ideal. Your career path may be calling you to follow your passion. You may be growing closer to people in your business network that will be helpful. 

Aquarius: As you consider your professional options today, you may find yourself debating whether or not to take a calculated risk. You’ll be able to choose between a few distinct paths, some of which will appear relatively risk-free and others that would seem more precarious. You should take today to carefully consider all of your choices and analyse the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

Pisces: After the recent chaos at work, today is the day to return to your regular routine, whether that’s hanging out with friends or doing nothing at all. If you’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately for business, you’re probably ready to kick back and relax. You should use today to get yourself back on track so that you may resume working as soon as possible. 


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779




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