Career Horoscope Today 18 November, 2022: These signs may be rewarded at work


Aries: Collaborate with others in your field. You should check in with your far-flung co-workers today. You may find that maintaining regular contact with them, either online or in person, helps to reinforce the excellent connection you’ve worked so hard to establish. It’s also possible that now is the right time to end professional ties with people who are no longer helpful to you.

Taurus: If you can, avoid starting any confrontations at work today. Your usual demeanour is to stay calm and avoid any disputes. However, you might be feeling that you need to maintain your current stance. If you feel that your co-worker is in the wrong or is deliberately trying to stir up trouble, you may respond stubbornly. It’s not worth the effort to debate when you might just as easily walk away.

Gemini: Today is a great day to get immersed in something you’re truly passionate about. You may be experiencing a period of exceptional inspiration, with a rise in the abilities, motivation, and focus necessary to put your ideas into action in your chosen field. Put your drive to action by accomplishing something concrete today. Taking this step might make you feel quite accomplished.

Cancer: You may expect to be rewarded at work because of your excellent communication skills, charming demeanour, and ease in dealing with any issue that may arise. Take this as inspiration to push yourself to greater heights. Your bosses will be similarly impressed. You will be motivated to do even better the next time around by the accolades you earn from your co-workers and superiors.

Leo: It’s natural to feel passionate about good causes. Take a more calculated approach to how you invest your time and effort rather than blindly hoping for the best. Your most devoted obligations feed your drive to advance consistently in your chosen profession, making it imperative that you prioritise them above everything else. However, you should aim to get your priorities straight.

Virgo: Your professional life will fall into place today as old issues start to get resolved. Making progress in your present role at work might help you move up the corporate ladder. The choices you make now can have a major impact on the direction of your professional destiny, setting you on the path to incredible success and a stellar reputation in your field. Choose wisely!

Libra: You have a busy day ahead of you, full with meetings and other work-related obligations. Making a great impression on your employer and co-workers is crucial, and it follows that you may do so only if you can properly balance all of your tasks. If you put up your absolute best effort today, you may find that many doors open for you and you are rewarded richly for your efforts.

Scorpio: You’re being noticed for doing good job and acting in a commendable manner. You appear to have met every need for a significant pay increase or, at the very least, a promotion. Right now, you’re in a good place with your boss. Be cheerful; this may be the start of a very productive era in your work. If you keep up the good job, you could even win over your superiors.

Sagittarius: You should finally begin working on a few things you’ve been putting off. You could notice a surge in your cognitive and emotional stamina, unlike anything you’ve had recently. Whether today is a workday or a day of outdoor meetings, everything will go swimmingly well. Put that extra vitality to good use and make the most of the different situations that you find yourself into.

Capricorn: Today, you’ll be able to handle an incredible amount of work because to your boundless reserves of energy. You show an extraordinary ability to perform under stress. The best part is that you won’t experience too much agony under constraint, and you’ll accomplish whatever you set out to do. If you want the momentum to last, though, you need to make sure you’re getting enough rest.

Aquarius: You’d be able to handle any challenge in your working life because to your insatiable curiosity and analytical intellect. Keep reinforcing this practise, as it will undoubtedly provide fruit in future professional endeavours. Using this method, you may swiftly and accurately determine the truth of any situation. In the near future, you will receive a generous compensation for your work.

Pisces: Now is a fantastic time to take on any and all challenges you’ve been avoiding. Planetary influences might give you more power and motivation. When you put your thoughts to anything, you tend to find that you can accomplish a lot in a short period of time. Utilize the day’s vitality to get things done, and channel any remaining vigour into a workout or a brisk walk.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779



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