Diwali 2022:Attract prosperity by encashing your wealth-giving planets and yogas


The spirit of Diwali is already in the air and celebrations have begun all around creating an aura of unity and brotherhood. When the festival of Diwali will be celebrated on October 25, it will bring enormous positivity in the life of all. However, based on your planets and astrological parameters, success will differ from person to person based on the dhan-yogas (wealth-giving combinations) present in your birth chart. 

Let us look at the main dhan-yogas that, if present in your horoscope, will make you super rich. 

Maha Laxmi Yoga: Mahalakshmi Yoga in astrology is considered a very rare yoga as is found in very few birth charts as it blesses natives with a massive amount of wealth for their whole life. This yoga is formed when in any horoscope there is connection between first house with second, fifth, ninth and eleventh. If naturally benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon are aspecting the second and eleventh house, then the power of this yoga is multiplied. 

Chandra-Mangala Yoga: This is a highly formidable combination of planets to generate wealth by the native. It is also known as Mahabhagya yoga. This yoga shows the inherent ability of a person to earn wealth. These people have special ability to learn and make money out of anything. This yoga is formed when in any horoscope both Moon and Mars are aspecting each other or conjunct with each other.  

Adhi-Yoga: Adhi Yoga is formed when Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are placed in the sixth, seventh or eighth house from the moon. People born under this yoga are wealthy and highly respected. 

Ashta Lakshmi Yoga: Rahu in sixth house, Ketu in twelfth house and Jupiter in any kendra (angular) house give rise to Ashta Lakshmi yoga. 

Yoga of Millionaires: It is seen that when Moon is placed in Lagna, Jupiter in sixth house, Venus in seventh house, Mercury in eight house and other malefic planets in third, tenth and eleventh house then the native rises to become a millionaire with many facilities and privileges. 

Malvaya Yoga: This is one of the Pancha Maha-Purush yogas. It is formed when Venus is placed in its own (Taurus or Libra) or exaltation sign (Pisces) in any of the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered as the key planet for materialistic comforts and happiness from wealth. 

Indu Lagna: Indu lagna is also known as the ascendant of wealth & Prosperity. Indu lagna is analysed to determine the financial situation of a native. To attract wealth, the role of the planet ruling over the Indu Lagna is very significant. When this planet gets active in a Maha Dasha, one is able to attract all forms of wealth and comforts in that phase of life. 

Which planets bring wealth?

While any planet can take the role of a wealth-giver in your horoscope if its own certain houses, some planets have been clearly demarcated for providing prosperity and wealth. These planets, if strong in your chart, can help you grow rich and famous. Let us look at these planets:

Jupiter: Growth, expansion, wealth, health, good fortune, and miraculous events are all attributes commonly associated with Jupiter. Winning the lottery, coming up with an innovative solution to a problem, or meeting someone who knows a millionaire are all examples of events that might signal financial gain.

Venus: Venus is the planet for beauty, brilliance and luxury. The position and condition of Venus in a chart is also quite significant for attracting money. If the position of Venus is in favourable aspect to a money house, then this is a good sign that your ability to attract money is high.

Mercury: Mercury is the planet of our intelligence and logical ability. It controls any kind of monetary transactions or business. Mercury needs to be strong in a birth chart for anyone to become wealthy and successful. 

How to attract wealth based on your horoscope?

Now that we know the astrological combinations or yogas which bring wealth and the related planets, does it mean that anyone who is born with these combinations will become rich? The answer is a plain and clear, no! One may be born with certain positive combinations, but one needs to activate these by entering into the areas of life or fields that are denoted by these planets. For example, if a person’s dhan-yogas are formed in the fifth house, then he or she will become rich only after their first child is born as fifth house related to our first child. As soon as our first child is born, it activates all these planets and start giving the destined outcome. 

One is also advised to pray to the planets which are the designated rulers of your wealth. Chanting their mantra in daily life or placing their vastu-energy in your house and office can positively trigger them to achieve wealth. 


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