Gifting troubles? Our Astro gift-guide has got your back


Here’s a complete guide to help you choose the best gift that even the pickiest, hard-to-shop for zodiacs will love and appreciate. Get ready to be the one with the best, most unique gift in the room!


You’ve got to think outside the box for this fiery one. Firstly, get the daily use products and cliché gift ideas out of the list. Playful and adventurous, they love experimenting with outfits, nothing complex just something lowkey that matches their personality.

Gift tips: Something sporty like a golf set, thrilling video games, caps with unique prints, and cool gadgets.


You might have to loosen up the purse strings a little to impress them. They love being pampered. Ruled by Venus, these signs are generous and sensitive, so give them that luxurious present and they’ll love you back.

Gift tips: A lavish massage session, elegant jewellery, VIP tickets to a concert or a visit to a beautiful museum can make them love you immensely.


Charming and intellectual. They would love gifts that can help satisfy their intellectual needs. They are great conversationalists and love expression. So, something as minimalistic as a pen and diary set will make them happy.

Gift tips: Informative books/videotapes, a journal, a polaroid, or something colourful that pops and satisfies their creative energy.


For them, it’s not the materialistic things in life that matter. All that matters is the happiness and well-being of the people in their lives. They are emotional and sensitive and will love a handmade gift or a present that brings them closer to loved ones.

Gift tips: Warm memories in the form of sketches, photo frames, or albums. A card, which doesn’t have to be fancy just original and thoughtful.


Leos are performers, they are creative and love the stage. They’d love an entertaining gift. They are dramatic and expressive, think of their personality and you’ll find a well-suited gift. They also like wearing bold colours that make them stand out.

Gift tips: A trip to an amusement park, tickets to a great movie or concert, or outfits in bold colours can really get them excited.


Virgos have a lot of respect for tradition, routine, and punctuality. So, anything that will help them be more efficient with daily tasks will be appreciated by them. They also love pets, so find out if your loved one is a cat person or a dog person.

Gift tips: A daily planner or organizer, a gym membership or a pet that can make a great companion will make them happy.


Loving and positive relationships are important to Librans. So, anything that reminds them of the bond they share with a closed can put a smile on their face. Librans admire aesthetic beauty; get them an artistic gift and they’ll be happy.

Gift tip: A self-composed poem or a song, rare paintings, flowers, a mirror with a beautiful frame and makeup can make some great choices


Scorpios are mysterious, a cliché and predictable gift can put them off. The unexplored and thrilling stuff fascinates them. You can also go with an adventurous gift or jewellery. Being emotional they appreciate personalized gifts.

Gift tip: A mysterious and thrilling book/game, gym membership, unique jewellery, and personalized gifts can really impress a Scorpio.


They find themselves attached to culture and spirituality. So, make sure to look in this field. Sagittarians have an academic bent and are deeply curious. They are passionate about travelling and love exploring places that have intriguing histories.

Gift tips: A trip to a historic site, informative books and videotapes, and encyclopaedias will be loved by a Sagittarius. Trying out new cuisines with them on a date can really impress them.


They are focused, ambitious, and responsible. A gift that helps them get better at their career and profession will mean a lot to them. They give a lot of importance to their everyday growth and development. They also like to be pampered once in a while.

Gift tips: Autobiographies of successful people, self-help books, and daily planners can be great. You can also book them an appointment at a luxurious salon or spa.


Aquarians are the social smarties of the zodiac. Outgoing and open-minded they are usually the centre of attention at a party. They are great thinkers and appreciate technology, networking, and progress. So, to impress them make sure to go with the latest trends.

Gift tip: Give them a unique gadget or book them a salsa trial class. Also, most importantly, don’t forget to plan a great party.


Pisces are dreamers, they love mysteries and fantasies. The world for them is not black and white, it’s grey. The sensitive and tender Pisces will love a self-made, meaningful gift. Also, these water babies really do love thrilling water activities. Creativity and innovation are deeply appreciated by them.

Gift Tips: Paints, a sci-fi-themed party, and self-written poems will make them happy. You can take them rafting or plan a pool party for them.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are based on Vedic astrology scriptures. Reader discretion is advised.)



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