How compatible is Virgo with other sun signs


The sixth astrological sign on the zodiac list are likely to be bold, courageous and more approachable to life. The planetary movement says that people who fall under this sign have a good and bad match with the following zodiacs. Let’s unfold the most and least compatible zodiac signs with Virgo.

Which Zodiac makes a perfect companion for Virgo?

Virgo and Aries: The duo of Aries and Virgo doesn’t tie up well. Both have a difficult time communicating with each other because Virgo likes to discuss and analyse the situation to come up with the most efficient plan. While Aries likes to act immediately and sees Virgo as wasting time and energy on all of that analysing the arguments will end up being far more passionate than your sex life.

Virgo and Taurus: Taurus and Virgo are a match made in heaven for sure. You both love to plan for the future, both loves to debate on opinions, both are very high on sex drive so there will be a lot of good long-lasting physical encounters, both loves to make and save money. A Virgo native and an Aries native are quite rational thinkers, the only challenge for you will be when you do not get into one of your bickering sessions based on who is right and who is wrong. And both can go on and on.

Virgo and Gemini: The mercury ruled pair, will initially have a strong attraction because both will have a great intellectual connection. Both love to analyse and discuss the world around them and Virgo will love the fact that Gemini has tons of ideas and a great sense of humour. On the flipside, Gemini loves the fact that Virgo is a hard worker and plans. When conflicts come up, Virgo sees Gemini as irresponsible and Gemini sees Virgo as too serious and uptight.

Virgo and Cancer: Another good match on the list. Virgo really loves that cancer pays attention to the little things and Cancer loves that Virgo is direct and because of this it leads to cancer trusting that Virgo is honest which is a must have for any cancer. Both think in terms of the future which does give you both a sense of security.

Virgo and Leo: Virgo’s reserved nature can definitely frustrate Leo’s desire for adventure. Virgos are pretty critical, and Leo prefers compliments not critiques. A Leo native likes to dominate and Virgo doesn’t always have to take the lead, but you do require an explanation as to why you should allow someone to take to lead.

Virgo and Virgo: These two perfectionists work really well together; both take love and any relationship very seriously and both enjoy the fact that both know each other is responsible. You both see each other as intelligent so there’s a mutual respect that helps to keep the bond strong.

Virgo and Libra: Libra enjoys spending money and Virgo wouldprefer to save. Libra’s natural seductive quality can definitely tap into Virgo sensuality, but Virgo’s critical nature quickly takes the air out of Libra’s excitement. Both find much more frustration with each other than they do fulfillment.

Virgo and Scorpio: Virgo natives feel loved and protected by Scorpio’s possessive nature. You both also have a mutual respect for the way that the other thinks and sees the world. Neither of you will open up very easily but when you do, you find strength in the connection. Virgos are willing to compromise as long as the reason for compromising makes sense to you both.

Virgo and Sagittarius: Sagittarius has the risk-taking free-spirited attitude of a gambler, and this makes Virgo very nervous because you are more into a secure and calculated approach. Not to mention, Sagittarius is extravagant and sees money as a source of freedom and good times. Whereas Virgo is a bit more into budgeting and living more simplistically.

Virgo and Capricorn: These two signs will bring out the best in each other. You both are quite compatible in every aspect. Virgo’s perfectionist nature is not only appreciated by but also meets its match when it comes to being in a relationship with hard-working ambitious Capricorn. You both admire one another and take pleasure in bringing each other happiness. Capricorn usually takes the lead with sex, but this is one situation where Virgo actually has no problem going with the flow.

Virgo and Aquarius: The biggest plus of this duo is that both have some great conversation together. Both love to analyse life and explore the deeper meaning of their experiences. This duo doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd. However, when it comes to love, both see things very differently.

Virgo and Pisces: We are quite familiar that opposite do attract and these two are opposites in every sense of the word. So, yes, they are for sure going to have a strong initial physical attraction. However, the major differences in both of your personalities prove to be way too challenging.



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