International Youth Day 2022: How Different Zodiac Signs Promote Sustainability


Sustainability is a human ideal and should be encouraged by one and all. However, various individuals have different perspectives of encouraging sustainability in terms of how they perceive an issue influencing their neighbourhood. Let us look at how zodiac signs have an influence in determining the issue that can impact one’s view towards sustainable development.

Aries: They have a lot of life in them and act on impulse. They will cut through any unnecessary hoops and go straight to the heart of the matter. They see no need in getting mired down in the particulars of any plan that leads to sustainability. They will approach lawmakers directly and ask for their unwavering support of the plan. They have to act quickly because they know it is the correct thing to do.

Taurus: They have lofty goals yet are also realistic. When it comes to creating long-term improvements in their neighbourhood, they plan to take the long view. They are interested in taking action, but only when they have access to objective data and a variety of viable alternatives that will allow them to craft a strategy that will yield the best potential results. They are planners at heart. The benefits won’t appear overnight, but they’ll stay committed.

Gemini: Their mind is constantly churning with insightful observations and intriguing queries. Their high energy level means that they can’t keep their hands off their phone or electronic gadgets as they devote themselves to their various professional responsibilities. They take a long-term view by implementing technologies that allow devices to recharge after a break, so preserving uninterrupted communication.

Cancer: They are good at reading people and taking care of others in their vicinity. They seek for warm, welcoming places where their spirit is reciprocated. They are avid energy conservationists who want to live as greenly as possible. As a result, the environment will be safeguarded, public health will improve, and costs will be reduced. That gives them the freedom to look after the planet, its inhabitants, and themselves.

Leo: When things are going well, that’s when they’re at their most powerful and vibrant. A lot of them can have bad habits when it comes to the environment, but when things get out of hand, they listen, and if their world is in danger, they take immediate action. Even if it means sacrificing certain comforts, they will make the sacrifices necessary to preserve the earth. They prefer to use unorthodox means to restore the planet’s resources.

Virgo: They strive for nothing but the best. They are logical and methodical, paying special attention to every detail, and as they move closer to the standard, they will carefully measure each one along the way. They can use their fondness for numbers to ensure that the settings on their equipment are precisely where they should be to cut down on consumption of natural resources, so making their lifestyle more sustainable.

Libra: They have a deep appreciation for wildlife and the beauty of nature. They thrive when their internal and external environments are in harmony with one another. They are willing to make sacrifices in their daily routines to ensure the safety of animals since they have no desire to inflict harm to anybody or anything. They merely want to do the right thing, and it makes them feel good when others notice and praise their efforts.

Scorpio: They have great forethought and tact. To them, life is a game of chessboard, and they always look ahead one or two moves. They have clear goals and are patient enough to wait for the right opportunity to seize it. They fit in nicely with those who are environmentally sensitive since it allows them to exercise the discipline they so admire. They are not trapped in an unsustainable way of life and seek simply what is best for Earth.

Sagittarius: They are stereotypically portrayed as intrepid adventurers who relish the chance to see the world. In spite of charging headlong toward the next thrilling event, they need to be more aware of their travel habits. They can do their part to protect the environment by travelling short distances on foot, by bicycle, or by public transportation when they make the decision to go from one place to another.

Capricorn: They’ve always known that management was their calling in life. They have a positive outlook and know how to kick off a successful project, so it only seems sense that they would want to put those skills to use conserving natural resources and boosting efficiency across the board. They have the tools necessary to plan out their house, pinpoint wasteful areas, and begin cutting costs immediately.

Aquarius: They are an uncompromisingly radical group who maintain their purity. They are eager to overthrow the system and fervently urge for societal transformation. They won’t stand by silently while money is wasted. They enjoy taking the lead in rallying other concerned citizens to demand more progressive government action. They are experts at rally organising and consensus building for environmentally friendly initiatives.

Pisces: They are sensitive and empathetic, yet frequently hard to pin down. They have a propensity to look on the bright side of everything, and as a result, they run the danger of glossing over problems and missing some of the inefficiencies that are occurring around them. They need a rude awakening to bring them back to the here and now. When it comes to protecting the environment, they will succeed thanks to their considerate and thoughtful nature.


Neeraj Dhankher

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