Is it your birthday between November 11 to 19? Check how the year will shape up


Birth Date Astrology for people born on November 11: Influenced by number 2 and the Moon, you are active, imaginative, simple, trustworthy and impressive person. Your beloved would provide you with love as well as financial support. This person would also make many sacrifices for your happiness and welfare. New ventures would be alluring and profitable, but speculation should be avoided. Health needs care. The months of April, October, November and January will be important.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November12: Influenced by number 3 and the planet Jupiter. You are ambitious, dignified, philosophical, and religious individual. You also need to review your expenditures. With little planning you would be able to save from your budget without compromising on necessary items. You would be very attached with your parents, but at times this might effect your relationship with your spouse who might feel neglected and lonely. The months of June, August and February will prove to be important.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November 13: Ruled by number 4 and the planet Uranus. You are bright, energetic, active, methodical and systematic person. Children would be interesting and a major source of your happiness. For those who have been unsuccessful in finding a life partner till now should rejoice, as a matrimonial wedlock seems later in the year. Financial gains and other rewards would be plenty but working under extreme stress levels would show on your health. The months of April, July, January and March will prove to be eventful.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November 14: Ruled by number 5 and the planet Mercury, you are strong, practical, active, business minded and a diplomatic person. New romance will be exciting but short-lived. Journey or pilgrimage will provide comfort and peace. Some exciting changes would take place in the organization that you work for. Financial gains are likely from more than one source. You would also gain if you invest in property and bonds. The months of May, August, December and March will be highly eventful.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November 15: Influenced by number 6 and the planet Venus. You are active, energetic, warm-hearted, and are fond of worldly pleasures. Selective speculation would be beneficial therefore be extra careful not to squander hard-earned money. Romantic alliances likely for those unattached, others would get tied into a matrimonial wedlock. Distant journey, pilgrimage or foreign travel later in the year. You are likely to be more inclined towards religious and spiritual activities. The months of July, September, November and January will be highly significant months.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November16: Governed by number 7 and the planet Neptune. You are simple, dignified, original, dashing and confident. Your spouse will be quite cooperative and shower her full love and affection upon you despite your erratic behavior towards her. An infatuation within the group will keep you in high spirits for some time but it will not be long lasting. Unexpected help from a distant relative will give a major boost to your career. The months of August, December, March and April will prove to be highly significant.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November 17: Ruled by number 8 and the planet Saturn. You are energetic, hardworking, courageous, trustworthy and friendly. Improved finances bring in prosperity and happiness at domestic level. Frequent travel would be undertaken bringing good monetary rewards. Distant journey maybe overseas for some later in the year. Avoid lending or borrowing money. Good year for girls and women as far as romance is concerned. Some gains through inheritance or expensive gifts from relatives cannot be ruled out. The months of June, November and January will be highly significant.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November 18: Governed by number 9 and the planet Mars. You are adventurous, sensitive, courageous, systematic and dashing. Later in the year some exhilarating news from overseas will boost up the spirits of the entire family. Health of an infant in the family might cause some concern. Traveling would be beneficial for building new alliances. New romances for some. Govt. and judicial favours for some. Some misunderstanding with your spouse might bring uneasy moments at home. The months of July, September, December and March will be highly significant.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on November 19: Ruled by number one and the planet Sun. You are active, confident, intelligent, original and helpful person. A distant trip cannot be ruled out for pilgrimage or auspicious ceremonies. Speculation in real estate and stocks will prove to be profitable. Those at service might face hectic period at work, because of the unpredictable behaviour of their boss. Your spouse would be supportive to your concerns and provide you with love and affection. A budding romance is on the horizon for some of you. The month of May, August, November and March seem to be highly significant.



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