Jupiter Direct on November 24: How different zodiac signs will be impacted


After a period of 119 days, Jupiter – the planet of luck and knowledge – will become direct in Pisces sign on November 24, 2022. In this phase, Jupiter will bring prosperity and happiness in everyone’s life. Let us explore its impact on different zodiac signs.

Aries: In areas where people are actively moving about, new possibilities will arise. If you’re meeting opposition at work, don’t worry; things will work out. Eventually, you will be promoted. Professionals in the fields of sports, medical, hospitals, spirituality, and hospitality are in for a fantastic time. There may be health concerns affecting your partner. Outings and travel can all add up your expenses.

Taurus: Your professional life will improve and you’ll be able to make significant advancements. Some of you can see promotions in their professional standing. Large profits can be made through speculation, and business will flourish. It’s a great time to improve relations with existing business partners and put an end to any squabbles from the past. If you are married, your relationship will improve and you will have more joy together.

Gemini: A fantastic shift in your professional life is in store for you. You will finally see the wonderful changes in your life that you have been hoping for. Now is a great moment to launch a business or increase operations at an established company. As a result, your financial situation will improve, and you’ll be able to rely on a variety of revenue streams. Plans for a new addition to the family can be finalised.

Cancer: There’s a promotion waiting for you in the office. This transit is favourable for resolving problems related to office politics. Your standing and worth in the job will improve. You’ll be doing some travelling and maybe even settling in a new country. Those who are already in charge of a company may expect to receive inspiration for growing their enterprise. A suitable companion can be found by those who are single.

Leo: This period is especially helpful for those who work in the fields of academia or insurance. It’s crucial that you keep moving forward with what’s going on and start thinking about the big picture. Your spouse or in-laws can have a significant effect on your finances. You might opt for a new life insurance or a pension plan. Members of the family may not always agree on everything. If you’re feeling mentally sluggish, it’s time to challenge yourself and break out of your routine.

Virgo: Together, you and your spouse will be able to make some smart investments in property. This is a favourable time for those who are single and open to partnerships. People’s perceptions of you and your success will change as word spreads. The time is now for your business to consider growth, and international market is a crucial area to target. Your will be full of an upbeat mental attitude accompanied by feelings of contentment.

Libra: You may experience increased aggression and assertiveness, as well as unprecedented levels of irritation. Aspiring for professional success will put you under stress. It’s possible for an existing competition at work to heat up. While there will be some innovative ways to money management, you won’t be able to save much. You should focus on loan and debt repayment. It’s possible to plan a family expansion.

Scorpio: This time is good if you want to move up into a managerial role. Entrepreneurs will think creatively about how to grow their companies, which will ultimately lead to significant financial success. You’ll have a more money-oriented frame of mind. But don’t get carried away with your optimism; instead, do your homework before placing your wager. Your families will support your decision to be married as per your choice.

Sagittarius: This is a favourable moment to launch a new venture of your own. People in service careers will receive favourable reviews. Right now is the moment to find an excellent job if you are currently unemployed. You will be in a better position to invest for the future and save money than in the past. Both your father’s job and health will flourish during this period. Your health problem, no matter how long standing, will begin to improve.

Capricorn: Your intent to make an effort will lead to positive change. You will feel the pressure to acquire new knowledge and skills, and as a result, you will exert considerable effort to achieve your goal. Luck will be on your side if you decide to travel abroad. Trading entails risk, as does any investment or speculative endeavour, so be careful not to overextend yourself. Your marriage partner will remain supportive so remain positive.

Aquarius: Work-related stress can sometimes be a source of inspiration and new ideas. With any luck, your renewed vigour will propel you forward in life. You’ll be able to solve any problem at work and put an end to the workplace politics. You’ll be in a position to make investments that will pay you in the long run. It’s possible that your partner has too many responsibilities at the moment for the two of you to have much quality time together.

Pisces: You will become well-known, and you will be more driven than ever to achieve your goals. This new door will allow you to advance in your current company. The prospects for your overseas assignment are excellent, and you will make valuable connections. Your outlook on finance and long-term planning will shift for the better. Your close friends and family will look to you more frequently for guidance, and you’ll notice a general uptick in your quality of life.


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