Know the ultimate purpose of your life according to your zodiac sign


Our goals and principles in life help us to characterize who we are, as people. Our traits, both positive and negative are largely determined by astrology since ancient times. At some point in life we all go through an existential crisis and wonder why are we here? In these uncertain times, we all wish for some clarity. Scroll down to find what is the core purpose of your zodiac as per astrology.

Aries: You are an ambitious and competitive sign who strives to make great things happen. You prefer to delve deep into things rather than wait at the coast. The main goal of your life is advancement, whether it be in the fields of arts, culture, technology, business, entertainment, or any other. You are drawn to innovations and are born for taking the lead in developing anything new for the advancement of society.

Taurus: You aspire for stability in all realms of life be it physical, emotional or spiritual. You have the courage to start from scratch and keep on scratching until contentment and success is all around you. You enjoy acquiring possessions and material wealth as well as fostering stability in relationships. For you, providing for loved ones is the main goal in life.

Gemini: You unknowingly act as the glue that unites all mankind. Your core purpose in life is to bring people together. You are a great conversationalist and never fail to check in on your loved ones from time to time. An environment that offers freedom of speech and movement is suitable for you. Your purpose is to instill the idea of freedom within people with your free spirit.

Cancer: Your empathy is truly a gift to this world. You are emotionally fluid both with yourself and with others. Your eyes never miss even the most subtle non- verbal cues of your loved ones. A true healer, you always act as a steady shoulder to cry upon when things fall apart. Your core purpose in life is to show the world the power of unconditional love.

Leo: You shine wherever you go, like evergreen trees that never lose their color even in the driest, darkest times. The people around you are always mesmerized by your fiery and charismatic persona. The true purpose of your life is to inspire the world to be strong and courageous in all situations.

Virgo: With a service- oriented spirit, Your purpose is to get to the bottom of things, prevent confusion, and make sure the whole system functions well. Your contribution is significant in any working environment. Your goal is to work towards making this world a better place to live. Courageous, trustworthy and analytical, Virgos are true leaders who work sincerely for the betterment of the society.

Scorpio: Never underestimate yourself as you possess extraordinary valor and courage to confront the dark side of human nature which most other signs find terrifying. Your core purpose in life is to show people that anything is achievable as long as you have passion and drive. The ordinary, routine things in life will never satisfy your mysterious and complex nature. Bouncing out of your comfort zone and into the unknown is what your heart truly desires.

Libra: You like to have the facts straight before making an important decision. You can effectively bring objectivity into complex situations by bridging gaps between opposing sides. You excel in dealing with situations that require a fair, logical and polite attitude. Using your unbiased stance and fighting for justice is the main purpose of your life.

Sagittarius: You are born to reach for the stars and look beyond the obvious truths. Due to your intense desire and curiosity to learn new things, you always reach your destination as you truly enjoy your journey to success. Your core purpose is to inspire others with your unshakeable positivity and zeal for life and show them the power of childlike curiosity.

Capricorn: You are destined to overcome all initial difficulties or setbacks, to persevere through hardships and to climb to a position of honor and power. Your life is a testament to perseverance, fortitude and self sufficiency. Never do anything that will hamper your reputation and stick to your morals. Your purpose in life is to show the world the power of nurturing and unconditional support.

Aquarius: You were born to defy convention and smash stereotypes. You are creative on the work front and often offer a distinct viewpoint. In situations that require originality, uniqueness and creativity you thrive. Your true purpose in life is to inspire people to take the untrodden path and to leave the message that creating your own path makes all the difference.

Pisces: You function the best when you dedicate time to helping the needy. Sensitivity to suffering and importance of charity are your true virtues. Your creative and spiritual energy inspires people to see how beautifully all life is intertwined. You are born to show people the power of self-expression to connect souls on the deepest levels.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are based on Vedic astrology scriptures. Reader discretion is advised.)



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