Love and Relationship Horoscope for August 1, 2022


Aries: Even after a challenging split that leaves your heart hurting, it is possible to regain confidence in love. It’s possible that you’re finally at the point where you feel ready to start dating again, or at the at least, let people know that you’re thinking about exposing your heart to the possibility of new love, in case the opportunity presents itself naturally. Be your natural self when you look around for love. 

Taurus: Your kind and generous personality shines through in a big way, and you may even find yourself considering giving an important person more of your time and energy than you ever have before. Proceed with caution and take your time. Allow the person you care about to raise their bar. You don’t want to overwhelm someone with your affection you’ll feel guilty about it later.

Gemini: Love can be discovered in a platonic relationship, and there are occasions when that love might go deeper than what you have experienced with a romantic partner. The presence of supportive and hopeful friends is a great asset which is irreplaceable and priceless in their own right. It’s possible that the friends you have in your life will be the foundation upon which you build your resilience.

Cancer: You have a one-of-a-kind ability to communicate your love and compassion for the lives of others through the amount of energy that you put into each and every moment of the day. Your energy is your imprint, therefore when you have a strong desire to love and to be loved, you should start fresh and visualise what you want in your love life and what can you do to achieve it.

Leo: Keep in mind that you and the people you care about are on the same side. While going through a phase of emotional maturation, your need for independence is taking precedence. If you let it, this might cause a rift between you and your partner. Just because you have to do things your way doesn’t mean that you need to distance yourself. Try to strike a good balance between the two.

Virgo: It may be difficult for you to avoid giving in to the sense of security that comes from being with someone you’ve known for a very long time. You’re likely to have an important discussion, especially if you’re inquisitive about your chances of being with someone you admire. One way to gain the confidence to express your is to trust your strong feelings of love and adoration for that person. 

Libra: Be conscious of whether or not the endurance on your existing relationship is definitive. You and your partner quickly come to the conclusion that in order to make it the success that it so easily could be, the two of you will need to put in the necessary effort to make the machine operate. Today, however, the lighter and more romantic aspect of your relationship can be enjoyed to the fullest. 

Scorpio: You might consider severing ties with one particular relationship that does not appear to be progressing in any meaningful way and that may be a drain on your time and energy. It’s possible that you felt bad for even considering giving up on it, but something that happened today opened your eyes to the reality of the situation, and as a result, you decided to take some proactive steps. 

Sagittarius: You are open to a little bit of passionate adventure today, and you are willing to take some risks in regards to the love you have. You are now in a place where you are able to overcome the fear that may have prevented you from pursuing a potentially fulfilling romantic connection in the past. Your audacity may shock some around you, but for once you don’t care about what others think.

Capricorn: Your romantic life is about to undergo a transformation that will make you happy. There is a powerful urge to live in harmony with others. You might discover that any conflict that arises with your partner is guiding you in a direction where you and a loved one are drawn even closer together. The unfolding of events will enable you to focus on a choice that needs to be made.

Aquarius: If you don’t push too hard, your natural firmness can help you in your love life today. Most likely, you’re still pining for a romantic connection that makes you happy. If you can’t find it, it’s going to be frustrating. You may have to take a risk in order to find a new way of meeting your demands. You may be hesitant at first, but give yourself permission to be passionately daring and bold.

Pisces: Today, everything romantic revolves around you. You are getting a lot of attention without making much effort. You have the opportunity to use that affection to attempt something completely new and different with a partner who is either already in your life or who you might end up dating in the future. Investigate what it is that you want, and be measured in your response.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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