Love and Relationship Horoscope for December 27, 2022


Aries: You need to get some momentum in your current relationship. It’s possible that you’ve reached a stage in your relationship when you treat each other more like buddies than lovers. Work things out by becoming closer. Try to spend time doing activities that you both enjoy so that you are constantly reminded of the fact that you are a unit. Bring back the enthusiasm in your life.

Taurus: Now is the time to seize any romantic opportunities that may arise. Be wary of the fleeting romantic interest who may cross your path. It’s possible that you know someone in your social circle who is attractive to you. Maybe a buddy of yours starts showing signs of romantic interest. Investigate what is within the possibility of this connection and take a decision accordingly.

Gemini: Stop trying so hard to do everything right when it comes to your feelings. Consider the possibility that love might alter your circumstances for the better. True love doesn’t necessitate a picture-perfect romantic encounter. Experience the thrill of the unpredictable, and the satisfaction of knowing that when things appear lacking, you have the power to make them better.

Cancer: You will be thankful for the positive aspects of your connection today. You’ll feel more connected to your lover as a result, and you could find yourself wanting to spend more time with them. Today is perfect for a group outing that will get your brains working. Having fun and talking to each other will do wonders for your relationship. Prolong this heartening phase.

Leo: Consider how you may express your appreciation for your partner’s thoughtfulness and do something kind for them today. It’s natural for you and your significant other to want to perform at your best with one other. A partner’s present on a special occasion can be particularly meaningful and memorable. You will respond positively to it with much gratitude.

Virgo: Try to talk to your significant other as freely and candidly as possible today. Working while there is still a mountain of tasks to complete may be a major source of stress. You could be experiencing a sense of being torn in several ways at once. There are presents to be wrapped and invitations to confirm. Your partner can misinterpret your tension and take it personally, so be watchful.

Libra: Look for a better time to analyse what’s going on in your love life. There’s a chance that you’re being particularly analytical today. Due to your present lack of mental clarity and over-thinking attitude, now is probably not the greatest time to make any life-altering choices regarding your existing romantic partnership. If you aren’t sure of the facts or how you feel, it’s best to wait.

Scorpio: Don’t look for any special moments to express your true feelings to your partner. If you feel like being a teaser, that’s fine, act like one. Talk about your concerns so that your loved one understands that you don’t want to limit your affection for them to any special day. Make it unique and make them feel special and desirable. This will add spice to your relationship.

Sagittarius: Ease up on your mate for a while and give them space. It’s possible that the person you have feelings for is acting a bit strangely and nothing like themselves today. There’s a chance they’re itching for some alone time for freeing up their mind. Instead of being wounded or angry, take some time apart and they will come back more passionate than before.

Capricorn: Hold out hope that your love sentiments may shift for the better. It’s possible you’re at a turning point in your emotional life and ready to take a chance on love. Someone has penetrated your defences and taught you to stop being so afraid of being wounded. Clearly, your newfound confidence has made you more relaxed. Stay hooked on to this feeling and explore it further.

Aquarius: It’s best not to be sucked into anything you’re unsure of. Perhaps you have unrealistically high standards for yourself. You generally have a good grasp on the ulterior motives and importance of any connection, but this time around, you could be fooled into thinking it’s the genuine deal. True love may exist for a brief while, but reality will set in eventually. Hence, stay guarded.

Pisces: If you want to strengthen your relationship, try showering your partner with compliments and seeing how they respond. Openness in sharing one’s innermost thoughts and emotions with one’s spouse is a powerful demonstration of one’s love for that other. Your partner wants to hear from you about how much you care for them and what you want from them. Just say what’s on your mind.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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