Love and Relationship Horoscope for December 29, 2022

Aries: Be more expressive with less talking today. Keeping your cool is especially important if your significant other has had a bad day. You need to get the thought of the argument out of your head. Your best bet is to try to soothe your partner’s nerves. Kind words may do wonders for a relationship. Today, an argument may be started with as little as one nasty remark, so think before you speak.

Taurus: Today will be a great day for your connection with your significant other. Those of you who are just starting out in a romantic partnership may be assured that it will blossom into something very wonderful. Enjoy your time together and let your partner feel valued. Invest in a thoughtful present for your significant other today to make them feel special and assured.

Gemini: Be careful about projecting too far into the future of your current partnership. It’s probably not the ideal time to take yourself or your lover seriously if you’re feeling particularly amorous today, so hold off on making any promises. Today, you may be quite kind and loving in your words without actually feeling much of it in your heart. Concentrate on appreciating the here and now.

Cancer: Your perseverance and moral fibre are likely to be tried today. You’ll notice that your focus tends to drift from one connection to the next. Having an affair is a choice, and you should ask yourself if you’re truly ready to abandon your relationship before you start looking. Communicate openly and work out your issues with your relationship before they escalate.

Leo: Be prepared for a day full of surprises. You appear to be self-reliant, yet this independence may cause you to neglect romantic pursuits. It’s not the time to start imposing your will on your partner. Keep a low profile and see the day out. It is advisable for the two of you to spend the evening doing nothing more strenuous than kicking back on the couch and watching the newest blockbuster film together.

Virgo: Be cautious and sensible. Today, your potential romantic interest is likely to find you really captivating. While your attractive qualities may make you irresistible to others, they may also make your significant other feel insecure. It will be incumbent upon you to make your goals clear. Be open and honest while still keeping some suspense. You needn’t spill the beans on everything.

Libra: Don’t give up on your existing relationship and instead focus on fixing it. It’s possible that you may run into difficulties as a result of pointless bickering. Today, opportunities for having an affair outside of your relationship will present themselves, and you may be tempted by the other person’s appeal. You should probably take a long breath and reconsider. Don’t do anything you’ll come to repent.

Scorpio: Today can be a good day to use caution when interacting with others. Taking a break to collect your thoughts is a good idea if you’re feeling hurt or offended. Be sincere and open when you express your thoughts and feelings about the past or what hurt you. Doing so will make room for new beginnings and cleanse the air. Allow your partner some headroom to rectify the situation.

Sagittarius: Instil confidence in your partner. By devoting more time to one another, you will ultimately strengthen your connection. As tensions are expected to rise today, it’s important to hear out your companion. Someone is trying to tell you something, but you haven’t been paying attention. Put away any outside noise and give your lover some privacy to share their thoughts and feelings.

Capricorn: An exciting love adventure may be beckoning to you right now. But today, you could find yourself naturally pulling back from the heat. Find a way to take what is being provided to you. Right now, your creativity is your best weapon and may lead you back to a place of security. Harness this energy to envision the best potential outcome for all those involved.

Aquarius: Do your best to maintain your vigilance and not let the opinions of others colour your own. Today may be a day where you and your companion have some really illuminating discussions. It might be about how you can adjust your everyday lives to better meet each other’s emotional needs. Do your best to have an open mind and look into every aspect of the problem.

Pisces: Put your worries of the past behind you. When it comes to love and relationships today, tolerance is key. You will see that you are the one being held captive by harbouring resentment and not the individual you hold responsible for your current state of unhappiness. If you can let go of your animosity for good, you’ll make room in your heart for new relationships and a renewed sense of joy.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779


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