Love and Relationship Horoscope for November 12, 2022


Aries: Right now, genuine emotions in a relationship might surface. Having your own requirements met is important to you, but that’s just part of the story. A companion may deflect attention from you and prompt you to focus on mutually beneficial objectives. There’s a chance they’ll bring up commitments on both sides, which should serve as a wake-up call. Affirm your commitment to one another.

Taurus: Couples who have been fighting recently will see definite indications that their disagreements are being settled and peace is being restored in their relationships. It’s feasible to make this adjustment. The reality, though, is that you’ll have to put up some work if you want to succeed. For the sake of your relationship, it is important that you both think about the long-term.

Gemini: You can find that your deepest desires emerge during a first date due to the romantic atmosphere. Under the glow of the candles, you and your companion will feel like the only two people on Earth. Don’t rush things, though; it’s best to wait before committing fully. Put some distance between yourself and this person before moving forward.

Cancer: Complexity in romantic dialogue is now possible. The conversation will most certainly be marked by lofty assertions and a deliberately provocative tone. You may become aware of an internal agitation that hinders genuine connection from developing. If you’re in a relationship, it could help to have a partner that is eager to try new things and bring you back to reality.

Leo: The stars have finally aligned, so go ahead and have that important talk with your loved one. Take this chance to have that conversation you’ve been meaning to have with them for a while now. It will not only help you both feel better, but it will also provide a wealth of creative possibilities for future activities you may enjoy together. Draw out a strategy for implementing the things you’ve agreed upon.

Virgo: It’s time to take your romantic life in a new direction. Your loved ones will most likely be supportive of your plans to finally tie the knot with your significant other. Tell them how you really feel and allow them time to think about it before making a decision. If you’re currently single, it’s not the time to get into a new relationship. It might be really early on in your relationship with this person.

Libra: You’re probably at the peak of your powers and giving off an alluring sense of confidence and assurance. While it’s understandable that you’d like to share how you feel, the day’s vibe may bring your lover’s wants and needs into focus instead. They may make it clear that they feel you are ignoring them and monopolising the conversation. You need to shift your attention in order to find a healthy medium for connection.

Scorpio: Those are committed might have issues if they fight over things that aren’t significant to each other. Possibilities for moving out of the relationship can cross your mind. You might want to take a deep breath and rethink your stance. Don’t do something hasty or impulsive that you’ll come to regret. Any disagreements you and your partner have should be settled amicably as soon as possible.

Sagittarius: Now is the time to apologise to a loved one for a recent misunderstanding. Having a conversation about the problem can help everyone involved see things more clearly. One of you may be keeping something from the other as well, but if you can find a way to communicate honestly and openly with each other, you’ll be able to rapidly mend any wounds.

Capricorn: You may be able to establish a striking connection right now. There will be opportunities to meet new people and go on dates. Despite a new perspective on love, communication often proves challenging. Perhaps you’ll soon find that you don’t mind letting people see the real you. While helping others is admirable, it shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of your own happiness.

Aquarius: Today, you must take on the nurturing part of your partnership. Sometimes the mood of the day might cause a person to act in unexpected ways, such as acting like a spoiled brat. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem enjoyable right now; that won’t be the case for long. Once everything is settled, they can relax and enjoy the evening. Talk it over at the right time.

Pisces: Understanding the human heart seems so important right now. It’s possible that love has no limits. However, there are occasionally bumps in the road during daring undertakings. You may have your own ideas on liberty, but a loved one may disagree. As a result of their desire for communication, you may find yourself pausing to consider the situation more carefully. It’s crucial to check in and make contact.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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