Love and Relationship Horoscope for November 13, 2022


Aries: A boost in self-assurance may do wonders for your relationship. You probably feel safe in your romantic beliefs since you know what you stand for. New romantic possibilities can present themselves to you in unexpected places, such as the workplace. Knowing your heart’s calling might help you feel more at peace and rooted in reality. Don’t be afraid to follow your gut instinct.

Taurus: You never really lose control to the point that others start to question what kind of upbringing you had. The astral arrangement today, however, favours bold amorous undertakings. You’ll like the challenge of boosting the confidence of others around you while simultaneously improving your own appearance. You can go to any lengths and know that at least one person will adore you for it.

Gemini: Clarity in expressions of affection may now be possible. Don’t be timid in expressing your opinions. You should pay close attention to your partner’s viewpoints, but you shouldn’t back down or retreat from the conversation no matter what comes up. If you’re currently single, you have the luxury of being completely honest with potential suitors. Keep your options open and seize the future.

Cancer: Putting romance first today might raise some red flags. Even if staying home with your partner sounds wonderful, you could be worried about alienating your other friends if you do. Maybe it’s because you’re worried they’re conspiring behind your back, but you haven’t seen any evidence of it. But don’t act hastily since you could be making an assumption that turns out to be wrong.

Leo: The current status of romance brings up a number of thought-provoking questions. If you are currently involved in a serious relationship, you might be perplexed by the recent actions of your partner if they appear to go against your expectations regarding loving-awareness behaviour. It’s possible that now is the moment to speak out and draw the line.

Virgo: Doing things on your own terms can cause tension in your relationship right now. The need for physical contact might be overwhelming. Perhaps they weren’t previously explicit about what they wanted, or perhaps you weren’t. If you’re on your own, following your heart may be easier said than done. It’s important to have a whole picture since there’s probably something you’re missing.

Libra: The stars are aligning so that you may spend the day plotting a devious and crafty way to get the attention of a specific individual who is eminently attractive. Due to your dogged persistence, you will likely achieve some measure of achievement. But don’t commit until you’re hundred percent certain you’ve made the perfect choice. Take your time and go easy.

Scorpio: Maintain the vitality of your romantic relationships with some determined work. A perfect evening would consist of a wonderful romantic supper shared with your significant other. However, monotony might sow the seeds of frustration in your relationship, leading to difficulties down the road. Add the pleasure of genuine affection to your loved one’s life.

Sagittarius: The bonds of love are probably frayed right now. You might want to spice up your intimate relationship with a dash of excitement, but telling your lover about it might be tricky. Even if you are generally good at expressing yourself clearly, you may struggle to do so now. It could be that you’re too shy to approach a potential partner. Give it some time to see if the right words come to mind.

Capricorn: Enjoy being the centre of attention for once. Intense attraction from others is possible today, and you may find yourself with several potential suitors. Try not to come out as superior or condescending to others. If you act rudely, they will ignore you. Make sure you don’t mess with people’s emotions, either; doing so might hurt your reputation.

Aquarius: There’s a big possibility you’ll meet someone new today; maybe it’ll be the one you wind up spending the rest of your life with. When you notice how many eyes are pulled to you today, you’ll know that the time you spent on your appearance was well spent. Don’t lose sight of the truth that your inner beauty is just as important as your outside attractiveness.

Pisces: Your romantic life is in a state of flux right now. It’s possible to have a preconceived notion of where a relationship is heading when, in reality, you have no idea. Maybe you’re not as in charge as you thought you were, and things are murky in your relationship. If this is upsetting to you, keep probing deeper! Keep an eye out for any anxious urges and try to control them.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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