Love and Relationship Horoscope for November 16, 2022


Aries: You and your partner may come to different conclusions regarding a certain topic. Concede with your partner that you may need to bargain. It’s possible that one of you wants to uproot from your current place and start over somewhere else, while the other is content to remain there. Perhaps one of you wants to create a family and the other doesn’t feel ready. Find an amicable solution to this disagreement.

Taurus: You shouldn’t be shocked if memories of a past romance flood your mind today. It might be a day when you’re overcome by intense emotions. However, just because you have been remembering this individual does not indicate that you have to initiate contact. It’s wonderful to take a moment now and again to remember the folks who were once significant in your life but no longer are.

Gemini: If you and your significant other are temporarily apart, you may be feeling particularly down right now. Your mind may start racing with terrifying possibilities. Cancel this out of respect for yourself. Your significant other probably feels the same way about you. Make the time fade quickly by keeping yourself occupied until your partner returns and you are together again.

Cancer: The connection between you and your loved one will be felt to be strong and reliable. If you’re having trouble, consult your significant other for guidance and support. They will do everything it takes to make sure you’re okay. Your significant other’s counsel and judgement will always be in your best interest. Having each other’s backs is especially important during trying times.

Leo: In certain cases, it may seem like you’re being neglected on purpose. Actually, you are, but only to the degree that your partner is giving you some space of their own. They’re taking care of themselves so they can offer to you more openly and generously, with the goal of making your connection even better. Just don’t react and let this be a positive experience.

Virgo: If you want to get connected to someone, now is the time to do it. Being in with the individual you’ve been seeing might be a reality. Try not to be too bashful about sending indications of your devotion. Feel free to speak your mind and share your emotions. You have a hard time putting faith in your feelings. However, without taking a chance, you will never achieve something worthwhile.

Libra: Get to know that one person you have a crush on better. If they continue to seem distant and uninterested, you may have considered giving up on the thought of ever having a conversation with them. But now you have a newfound sense of purpose. You’re determined to learn what motivates them and won’t rest until you figure it out. Go for it now.

Scorpio: As you set off on a new adventure, romantic feelings begin to bloom. Either you’ll meet someone you’re immediately drawn to, or you’ll see a side of your present love partner that you’ve never seen before that you find quite attractive. As you work to deepen your ties with additional long-term, intimate connections, you may expect to learn fascinating new things about them.

Sagittarius: Affection in all its forms is welcome today. Sometimes you just want to cuddle up with your special someone. It’s possible you’d appreciate some downtime. At this moment, you should talk about things you have in common. As an alternative, you could catch up on some reading. Maintain a calm demeanour, and you will get more done today.

Capricorn: Due to your partner’s possible brief trip, you might feel a bit down. Don’t worry; you’ll come out of this with your relationship stronger than ever. Ultimately, it will turn out to be a good thing since it will allow you to acknowledge just how much you care for one another. You will begin to see just how much has changed, and your anticipation of their return will increase.

Aquarius: There’s a good chance that your partner’s commanding presence will captivate you. Make plans for a relaxing vacation away from it all so you can spend quality time together. Doing so will also help you get better acquainted with one another. You’ll be inspired to take your relationship out of its rut and give it a jolt by planning additional adventures like this.

Pisces: Adopt a positive attitude toward your uniqueness. Use the fact that no one else exists quite like you to your advantage and go forward in the manner that only you can. There’s a lot of guts in you, and it’s pushing you to do things you would not have tried otherwise. Possibilities are waiting in your love life, but only for you to seize them. Be proactive and start exploring.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779



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