Love and Relationship Horoscope for November 19, 2022


Aries: Today is not the time to rush into anything, certainly not romantic endeavours. If you’re ready to throw up the shutters and allow people to come to you, you’ll discover an even richer realm of pleasure and happiness. Pursue what your heart desires, but do it in an intelligent and self-controlled way. If committed, it’s time to be a bit more pragmatic about the ongoing situation and talk things out.

Taurus: Increase your level of forthrightness when it pertains to declaring your love interest. If you want to win over your significant other on a day like today, treating them a romantic supper is a terrific option. Bring some new energy to the table and reignite a flame that may have recently died out. Feel free to start things out romantically and it will all pan out well for the both of you.

Gemini: The odds of your relationship staying exciting today are low. It’s recommended that you take measures to counter this. Take initiative and come up with a unique way to make your partner happy in your relationship. It’s not worth risking your happiness for the sake of boredom if you want to keep things exciting between you two. Keeping the love alive and bright will serve you well.

Cancer: Perhaps you’re feeling nostalgic about a prior relationship and missing the person who once brought you so much joy. Try not to make the past sound too romantic. You should have your sights set on the future even if you have already accomplished so much and seen so much. If you want to make progress in your romantic life, you have many options. Be aware of such prospects around you.

Leo: True love is on the horizon for you. There’s a possibility that a lavish celebration today will bring you more romance than you were expecting. Consider all the masks you wear, behind which someone has an insatiable need to learn more about you. You will have chosen one or the other by the end of the day. Make sure you choose your options correctly before you take the plunge.

Virgo: You may be too preoccupied with life’s other responsibilities to devote any energy to nurturing your relationship at the moment. Focus on your partner and be there for them when they need you. Express your gratitude for the hard work that individual has put in making your life more meaningful. You will discover how much better your connection becomes as a result.

Libra: The temptation of an exciting love story is strong right now. This might make it difficult for you to relax and settle into a routine, as your attention is likely drawn to the novelty of deviating from your typical course. You may be more drawn to people who are not like you or who are located in a different part of the world right now. Explore the unknown with a positive mindset.

Scorpio: In all likelihood, this is not the day to let your emotions run wild. You may see where you stand in romance by taking things at a slower pace. Putting in some grunt effort might be just what’s needed to spark interest again. Getting what you want without having to put in any effort might be exciting, but the rewards of your efforts are generally greater.

Sagittarius: Your sudden and undeniable attraction to a fascinating new acquaintance signals a time of transition. It’s possible that some unexpectedly strong emotions will emerge. You shouldn’t rush into something just to realise afterwards that doing so was a miscalculation, therefore it would be best to approach things slowly rather than quickly.

Capricorn: You and your significant other will feel a strong desire to learn more about each other today. You’ll both be doing some introspective thinking on your own and want to talk about what you’ve learned with your partner. Do use this opportunity to have honest conversations with your partner; you’ll get closer as a result. This will add to your peace and harmony quotient.

Aquarius: You’ll be considering ways to maintain your long-term relationship from getting boring and mundane. You and your significant other have gotten so used to one another that some of the romance has been replaced by the monotony of daily life. Today is the day to think of new and exciting ways to spice up your romantic life. It will come as a complete shock to you how well it works!

Pisces: Today, letting someone into your thoughts requires humility. You’ll become less open about what you want from a relationship as a result. Overcoming your apprehensions about this is still possible. Try to find a way to articulate what you mean in a way that won’t come off as weak, and then say it. The ability to feel vulnerable is a virtue.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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