Love and Relationship Horoscope for November 23, 2022


Aries: Today’s romantic prospects can be a touch shaky. You may be taken aback by how you feel if you have been in an upbeat period. Tempers might flare up and cool down unexpectedly. There’s a chance your lover is on the fence about whether or not to offer you a passionate embrace. You should explain your mixed feelings and reassure them that everything will be okay shortly.

Taurus: You are conflicted about how you feel about the individual you have admired for so long. Earlier you were head over heels in love, but now you’re beginning to notice flaws in what was once an ideal relationship. Stay strong and you’ll find love again. Maybe some space of time apart can help you sort through your emotions and make peace. Think it out!

Gemini: It’s the perfect time to finally invite that special someone you’ve been secretly courting with for a while to that romantic social gathering you’ve been planning with your closest pals. Expect genuineness, friendliness, and candid conversation during this interaction. If you tell this individual what you think about them, you’ll see walls crumble and love fill the void.

Cancer: Your significant other might not be able to accommodate all of your desires right now. While you’re plotting your next move, they can be feeling left behind and unhappy about it. Perhaps you’ve been too dispersed to offer your partner the undivided focus they want right now. You shouldn’t be in such a hurry; there’s no prize for being the first to the finish.

Leo: Today, do everything you can to steer clear of any fights, no matter how little, that might leave a sour taste in either of your mouths. Today, focus on the long-term happiness you seek, and practise forgiveness and patience. If you let little disagreements come between you, it will only lead to more discontent and less trust. Do not react to any situation and stay calm at all cost.

Virgo: Now would be a wonderful time for you and your significant other to collaborate and work on a project together. Any of your brilliant ideas that have been sitting in your head concerning your house or shared resources may finally be put into action. If you can make it through the preparation phase without any big issues, you shouldn’t have too much problem with the remainder of the work.

Libra: You are looking for methods to invest more in your relationship since romance is important to you now. The whole focus of your day is making your significant other happy, so you’re prepared to do whatever they need. The more you help your companion, the further they will want to assist you in return. Over time, your bond will become stronger thanks to this pattern.

Scorpio: It’s natural to have doubts about your partner’s long-term dedication right now. However, it’s possible that your position is uncertain as well. The desire to be married one minute, freedom from commitment the next: that’s how your feelings towards engagement sometimes swing. Before you criticise someone, check to see whether you’re not guilty of the same thing.

Sagittarius: Make room for love to grow in your heart. The never-ending saga of a specific love affair can get a lot further along today. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get closer to one another and deepen your commitment to each other. Even though you’ve been trying to keep things light, you can’t deny that the attraction between you two is becoming stronger every day.

Capricorn: Today’s vibes set a pretty clear limit on where your date may go. You and your possible significant other are aware of the existence of intense emotions for each other but are unsure whether to act on them immediately or wait for a while. As strong as your feelings are for one another, you may give in to the temptation and indulge in sensual conversations. Be aware of your actions.

Aquarius: Talking to your partner might feel awkward right now. You and your partner are more attuned to the subtle inflections of tone in each other’s speech. It is possible to overcome your defensiveness and begin treating your partner with the respect and consideration they deserve. If you can talk about problems without blaming anyone, you can keep a conversation on track.

Pisces: You need to reframe your expectations if you are still waiting for “the one” to enter your life. The mood of the day recommends that you should revaluate your viewpoint and maybe think about how the only way you’ll meet that great fun person is if you start having amazing fun yourself. If you start living in the now and letting yourself have fun, you’ll meet someone wonderful in no time.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)





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