Love and Relationship Horoscope for November 6, 2022


Aries: When it comes to interpersonal interactions, you are far more resilient than you give yourself credit for. It’s possible that today you’ll identify your source of inner power and learn how to use it to your advantage. You may find it difficult to set and maintain love boundaries, but here is your chance. Relax and put into words what your heart really wants.

Taurus: Getting out of a pattern today is the first step in improving your love life and setting new standards for yourself. You are prepared to let more light into your heart. Being inquisitive about new things, concepts and landscapes might motivate you to bring new enthusiasm into other aspects of your life. Put unconventional routines in the past and try something altogether new.

Gemini: Sharing your wants and needs might help your relationship flourish. Today is a great day for a phone call or text message with a particular someone. This is not the moment to give in to the temptation of radio silence. Talking a lot, even when you’re feeling insecure, is totally OK. The more open you are to communicating, the better you’ll get at playing together.

Cancer: You have strength and sensitivity in equal measure in the domain of relationships today. You have a consistent approach to your romantic relationships, yet you’re nevertheless receptive to novelty, especially of the sensuous kind. If your partner says or does anything that sets off alarm bells, try to put yourself in their shoes before reacting in a way that they didn’t intend.

Leo: Your admiration for your partner certainly stems from their confident character. You should go somewhere quiet where no one can bother you so that you can really appreciate each other’s company. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about one another. Additionally, this will inspire you to arrange additional trips of this kind for your partner and you.

Virgo: Perhaps you’re feeling especially romantic today. You should pop the question to that one important person in your life. Alternatively, if you’re currently single, you may like to show your appreciation to a close friend. Reaching out to people and sharing your amorous side can make you feel better. Through your kind remarks, you’ll bring smiles to many.

Libra: You finally find the words to tell that special someone how much of an impact they’ve had on your life recently. The energies of the planets suggest planning a get-together, whether it be a dinner or a trip, so that you may open up and communicate from the heart. You know this next step is crucial because of how much help you’ve gotten from them in the past.

Scorpio: There is a lot of room for growth and change in relationships now. Your social skills are top-notch. Your relationship with a partner might be strengthened by a surprise from a mutual friend or acquaintance. You are now able to maintain the fine equilibrium between tending to the established foundation of your connection and leaving room for its development.

Sagittarius: You can change your relationships right now by digging deep into your storehouse of consciousness. What you have in common with your partner, from your financial account to your philosophy, may become a central focus of your attention. This is one of those times when wanting too much actually hurts you. Instead, practise charity, and you’ll be rewarded multiple times.

Capricorn: The planetary resonance has helped you better comprehend the motivations behind a loved one’s typical patterns of behaviour. You may have been confused by their seeming mixed feelings of real fondness and apathy up to this point. As you let your thoughts wander over this problem, an insight will come to you that will shed light on what is actually happening.

Aquarius: If you feel like you’re just going through the process in a given relationship, it’s probably because you are. The cosmic alignment reduces love to a more pedestrian level, devoid of the passion and energy of true love but yet quite solid and dependable. Have no fear. Things will heat up again shortly, so take advantage of the relative calm and peace while you can.

Pisces: There’s nothing like revitalising the core of your sensual life by going back to the beginning of your relationships. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or have recently found someone whom you are attracted to, this may cause you to reflect on happier times. To fuel your current enthusiasm, revisit the origins of your relationship.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779



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