Love and Relationship Horoscope for September 12, 2022


Aries: Take a moment right now to evaluate your romantic situation. The energy of the planets right now will help you relax and put things into perspective if you’ve been stressed out by apparent hurdles in your romantic life. It will do you a lot of good to get out there and have some fun, so go ahead and do that. There will be a sense of renewal and revitalization once you clear you mind of any negative influences.

Taurus: You’ll learn something startling today about someone; maybe it’ll be something you’d rather not know, but are secretly delighted about. It could lead to a racy romantic involvement at a quick pace. You probably shouldn’t be thinking so fondly of this person if it’s affecting your productivity at work. However, the temptation is too intense, and you are aware that you will eventually give in to it. 

Gemini: Stay upbeat for your date today as the odds are in your favour. There is a significant probability that you may discover the two of you have a true connection that goes beyond the issues that you initially discussed. You’ll have an incredible time in each other’s company, and you’ll feel relieved to have found someone in whom you can place your complete trust. There’s potential here for amazing things to happen. 

Cancer: In terms of romance, you have every reason to be happy now. The way you and your partner are celebrating life together, your significant other could be forgiven for thinking you’ve hit a jackpot. Take this time to plan a fun activity, whether it’s a group adventure, a lunch with pals, or a trip to the movies. Don’t let anything dampen your enthusiasm. Being joyful is the best feeling in the world.

Leo: An intimate relationship has a significant influence on how you think about and approach the future. You might have made a decision to move in a certain direction, but in light of recent events, you might realise that you need to re-evaluate the framework and foundation around which your life is built. Make sure you give careful consideration to your options before jumping to a conclusion.

Virgo: You seem to be born with an abundance of self-assurance, so you rarely need others to give you a boost. The planets are aligned in such a way that today could be the perfect time to tell someone important who may have needed a morale boost that you care about them. Your kindness and encouragement will be deeply valued and cherished so give all your attention to them today. 

Libra: The future of your relationship may be murky right now, and that’s okay. Your parents’ wishes and yours may not align perfectly if there have been recent discussions of a wedding. It’s possible that your social circle disapproves of your prospective spouse. Do not ignore the opinions of those who care about you deeply; yet, in the end, you should trust your own judgement. Give things some time. 

Scorpio: It’s possible you’ve felt uninspired by your dating options recently. But today is a day when things could start to turn around. Today, you are likely to run into someone from your existing network, whether it be among your friends or co-workers. The possibility of a chance encounter at a formal event is always there. Do not close your eyes; it might be the next person you see!

Sagittarius: It’s possible that you’ll start building frequent communication with a newfound love involvement today, even if they live far away. Despite the difficulties in execution, you can’t but wonder what would emerge. So yet, there are no signs that you need to intervene to prevent things from happening. In the end, it may help you see things from other perspectives and make you a better person. 

Capricorn: You have a strong desire to begin a new romantic relationship with someone new. Even if you’ve lately had some low points in your search for love, you’ll feel like the wind is at your back and the allure of the other sex will return today. Use the uptick in enthusiasm to your advantage by putting yourself out there and getting noticed by others. Stay out of the house and meet people. 

Aquarius: Today, your need for closeness may be too strong for a strict routine to withstand. You’ll want to shake up your usual romantic pattern. You might decide that you need to make an active effort to spend more time with your significant other. You can’t just throw in the towel on your duties, but you can choose not to let someone else’s agenda control your interactions with them. 

Pisces: A change in your domestic situation with your partner is possible right now. Regardless of who you share your home with at the moment, you will find motivation to make some changes for the better. You might put your energy into making your house look good in your own special way. You should probably start living with your significant other; they may bring it up themselves. 


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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