Mars turns direct in Taurus: Align your life force to achieve your goals

Mars, which has been moving backwards in retrograde motion since last two and a half months, will finally turn direct on January 13, 2023. It all began on August 10 last year when Mars moved into Taurus. On October 16, the red planet moved to Gemini sign, but went into retrograde motion on October 30 and moved back to Taurus on November 13.

What Mars signify in our lives

Mars is the fire which gives birth to our body. It symbolises our physicality and vitality. Apart from this, it controls the aggressive energy around us. If channelised properly, Mars gives high motivation and ambition, but if its energy is not harnessed suitably in our lives, then it leads to anger and conflict. Mars also signifies land; hence it owns the real estate industry along with engineering and defence.

What happens when Mars is in Taurus

Taurus is an earthy sign and carries the core element of endurance and practicality. When a fiery and action-oriented planet like Mars is posited in Taurus, it slows down the speed of Mars, thereby providing strength and stability to our outlook. We are driven by security and fondness for personal possessions. Most of us are not afraid to work for what we want, and there is an overall patience to this position of Mars. Focus on what you’ve lately begun and employ the tenacious drive of Mars in Taurus to see it through to fruition.

How does retrogression impact Mars

When a planet gets into retrogression, its speed slows down. In astrology, this period coincides with a phase of retreat and introspection. It guides us to look inward and solve problems at a fundamental level. We need to get to the root of why a certain problem keeps cropping up and we must re-align its energy in our lives in order to fix it.

Mars has been in retrogression for more than two months leading to unpredictability in our lives and relationships. With respect to career, this could have made us more impulsive and get into unnecessary arguments with seniors and employees. Similarly, in relationships, this energy of Mars would have made us a bit more argumentative and prone to being aggressive. Since this retrogression of Mars was in Taurus sign, it would have made us more possessive of our belongings and would have lent a harsh tone as well.

How ‘direct’ Mars will impact zodiac signs

Now that Mars is getting direct on January 13, this will free up a lot of negative energy of the fiery planet. It will make us conscious of our mistakes and help us appreciate other’s response better. Let us look at how different zodiac signs will be impacted by this.

Aries: Your confidence will improve and you will be able to execute your work systematically. You will learn to control your temper and channelise it to achieve your career goals. Any lingering health issue will now be resolved.

Taurus: Your love and relationship life will improve and any ongoing problem will be resolved. You can enter into a new business partnership and expand your venture. If you have been waiting for a visa, then you are likely to get it now.

Gemini: You are likely to hear good news on the career and financial front. Any pending proposal or payment will be released and your financial position will improve. Those awaiting appraisal are likely to get favourable results. Your energy level will increase.

Cancer: You will excel in whatever you plan to do. This is the right time to look for a job change. Your financial position will become stronger as salary will increase. There could be a family get-together if some members are staying in distant land.

Leo: If you have invested in land then you will be able to enjoy its profits. This is a favourable time to get any work done related to your house. You can also plan to buy a new vehicle. Domestic environment will improve and there will be happiness all around.

Virgo: If you have been facing some challenges relating to documentation or awaiting an offer, then you will be able to receive the same now. A short travel is on the cards so plan for it. Use your investigative skills to solve complex problems at the workplace.

Libra: The wedding bells will soon be ringing for those searching for their prospective partner. Your family life will be much more harmonious and there can be a celebration at home. Those in business will witness smooth cash flow.

Scorpio: You will be able to fight back against all ongoing obstacles. Start a new fitness routine and let the energy flow. There will be a favourable conversations around your future role and position at work, which will excite you.

Sagittarius: Those desirous to study abroad will find the going smooth and exciting. A long-trip is on the horizon for some of you. This is a favourable time to plan a family extension. Any ongoing health issues relating to stomach will vanish now.

Capricorn: There will be much more clarity regarding your role in life. At work, you will get to command a position that you so dearly wanted to for a long time. The domestic atmosphere will improve and you will find multiple sources of happiness. Health of mother will improve.

Aquarius: All ambiguities relating to your ongoing projects and job position will be cleared and you will be able to see a clear career path ahead of you. Your boss will trust you with additional responsibilities. This is a good time to plan a short travel.

Pisces: Any ongoing family dispute will now be resolved and there will be greater happiness among family members. You can plan to invest in a new saving plan for the long-term. Your father will support you and his advice will turn out to be invaluable for you.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779


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