Pisces Daily Horoscope for August 8, 2022: Blissful period for the newly-married


PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) New opportunities would be yours as long as you are in the right frame of mind to pursue them. A blissful period lies ahead for the newly-married Pisceans as they embark on a new chapter in their life. Some more time will be needed to improve your financial situation. You may be unable to close a debt, which is likely to weaken your monetary position. You need to be careful because someone may try to flatter you with an ulterior motive. Enjoying outdoor activities would help in maintaining physical fitness. The absence of worry would pave the way for making life sublime and better. Charming behaviour will not only keep you in a jolly mood but also attract others’ attention. Pisces native’s desire for a vacation may soon be fulfilled. Visiting the countryside will prove almost therapeutic. Selling a plot might be profitable as property rates for a standalone piece of land tend to rise sooner.

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Pisces Finance Today: Chances are that the investment that you make today might remain below expectations. Slight chance that investing money in a dubious scheme may make you lose a substantial amount, so desist. Avoid borrowing money today.

Pisces Family Today: The secret mantra for a happy atmosphere at home is that everyone will have to back and rejoice in each other’s success. Pisces natives are likely to find relief, comfort and affection in the company of family members.

Pisces Career Today: Don’t neglect old business for new otherwise, it could prove doubly disadvantageous position on the professional front. Proximity or closeness to senior officers is likely to defame you. So tread carefully.

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Pisces Health Today: You are going to do more physical activity than normal, and you would be successful to stick to your healthy eating schedule. Keeping a positive attitude will help your body and soul to cope with a lot of stress.

Pisces Love Life Today: Pisces natives are likely to receive a special gift from someone special after falling in love. Developing mutual trust and understanding to sort out misunderstandings with a partner would immensely help. Committed Pisces natives may tie the knot.

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