Pisces Horoscope Today: Daily predictions for July 31,'22 states, imbalance love


PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) Pisces natives may have a flourishing professional front. A job transfer is likely to bring monetary benefits as also a promotion. This may positively affect your bank balance too. Multiple sources of income may yield handsome profits. On the flipside, you may have to be mindful of your health. Junk food and lethargy may invite lifestyle-related disorders. Your family front may be regular. Children may demand your time, while elders may keep you occupied with their tasks. Your love life may be in doldrums. Letting issues pile up on the romantic front is likely to create rifts in the relationship, eventually leading to a break-up. Some of you may travel to distant lands, breaking your monotony and rejuvenating your senses. Property deals may or may not be lucrative. Students who appeared for board exams may receive good grades.

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Pisces Finance Today For Pisceans, business may flourish and profits may come as expected on the financial front. Past investments may bring good dividends. Reserved surplus cash may come in handy to spend on necessary items when time comes.

Pisces Family Today For Pisces natives, peace and harmony is likely to prevail at home. With the arrival of guests, your homely atmosphere may bustle with cheer. However, indulging in gossip-mongering is likely to harm your interpersonal relationship.

Pisces Career Today Pisces natives employed in the service sector may see prosperous times. Workload is likely to increase on the job front but timely help of your subordinates may lessen your burden. You can look forward to easy days.

Pisces Health Today Pisceans, your health remains fine, but you need to exercise caution as chronic ailments could recur. You might stay fit by leading a healthy lifestyle and taking part in sports. Natural remedies and breathing exercises could help you relax.

Pisces Love Life Today On the romantic front, ignoring the demands of your significant other may cause problems for Pisceans. There are likely to be trust issues between you two. Nurturing your bond may bring happiness and satisfaction back in life.

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