Restyle your homes this Diwali with our exclusive astro-home décor guide


Your zodiac sign is considered to influence both, your personality and your choices. This Diwali we are here to help you discover your own unique style which will beautifully resonate your personality. So, get ready to restyle your homes with our exclusive astro-gift guide.

Aries: Your house must match your vibrant, bold and charming energy. You are naturally drawn to spacious places with popping colors. This goes perfectly with your free and fiery personality. Therefore, including bright colored walls, frames with motivational quotes and large windows are perfect for you if you’re willing to restyle your home.

Taurus: Your comfort place is all about calmness and elegance since you are drawn to serene settings with relaxing sounds and scents. You take great pride in hosting guests in style so, your home must be a reflection of your fine taste. Beautiful vases with fresh flowers, delicate colors and aroma diffusers will be great additions to your home this Diwali.

Gemini: For you it’s all about contrast. So, a unique design that includes both modern and vintage themes and objects is perfect for you. Unlike other zodiac signs, you have an unusual flair and are more likely to experiment with bright colors. So, this Diwali mix it up a bit. You can restyle your kitchen to a more bright contemporary one while expressing your vintage side by buying a beautiful, rusty vintage table for your morning coffee.

Cancer: For you, it’s all about comfort and memories. Uncertainty troubles you and you thrive in a more stable and simpler environment. Hence, you ought to have a more traditional layout. To create a cozy and safe environment for yourself, you can surround yourself with pleasant souvenirs, family photos, and framed memories to keep you happy and fill you with gratitude daily.

Leo: You want your places to be as bold and loud as you. We know you don’t shy away from experimenting with vibrant colors. Without a doubt your home should feature eye-catching furniture as well as bright and dramatic colors. Fancy mirrors with neon lights and some interesting wallpapers can be a game changer.

Virgo: You value tradition, routine and punctuality, above all. You need to have everything in your home nicely organized and in the proper order at all times. For a simple, neat yet classy look, you can employ neutral shades of grey or light brown in your décor, furniture, and rugs to create the simplicity you seek in your life. These shades are both unique and trendy. So, go for it.

Libra: Almost any color scheme makes you feel comfortable. You adore all of the hues and tints of autumn. A well-balanced home that is neither too opulent nor too modest is ideal for you as you seek balance in all aspects of your lives. You are great appreciators of beauty. So, buy décor to make your home an elegant yet eye-catching place loaded with interesting items.

Scorpio: Given your distinctive, mysterious traits, darker tints and bold colors will reflect your personality the best. Sensual textures like silk and satin will please you and your guests. Maybe get some sensual wine color curtains to spice it up. Intense colors can be used in furniture, décor, and artwork.

Sagittarius: You know you’re a traveler and you have a bag of crazy stories to tell from each visit. This Diwali take a trip down the memory lane, bring out your artistic side and turn your house into a real life journal. You can use intriguing artifacts, souvenirs, and postcards you’ve collected till now to decorate your house. You can also paint some of the beautiful sceneries that inspired you.

Capricorn: You know you’re a workaholic, so it is essential you make your work space as clean and organized as possible to help you focus for longer hours with ease. On the other hand, you need to understand that taking a break and self care is as important as work. So, this Diwali make a corner in your house that helps you relax your mind. You can use aroma diffusers, modest lighting and some beautiful frames that are memorable to you.

Aquarius: Authenticity, uniqueness and intelligence goes everywhere you go. You know you tend to go out of your way to have something that no one else does. So, fill your house with some inspiring and rare artwork along with unique furniture that reflects your uniqueness everyday and motivates you to maintain your originality forever.

Pisces: You have the most creative yet crazy imagination of all zodiac signs. For you, your home, your comfort space is a haven where you can actively ponder and go wild with your never ending thoughts. Get soft, silk cover pillows and a room with calming lights that help you enter your fantasy world because the world needs your art.



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