Sagittarius Horoscope Today:Daily prediction for July 16,'22 states, wall of ego


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) With a jolly personality and sharp intellectual skills, you are a loyal and kind person. Your intelligence and sympathetic approach is evident in your character. You are sensible and wise; you think many years beyond your age. Your freedom is of utmost importance to you. A profound feeling of individuality always keeps you apart. Often, you tend to forget before speaking, and this, sometimes, leads to uncomfortable situation. You have a wall of ego around you. Also, your rebellious nature brings disharmony in your life. You believe that in order to grow in life, one needs to take risks and you are never afraid to take calculated risks. Fortunately, with strong interpersonal skills, you are usually successful in whatever you do. You will deliver on the academic front and add to your reputation. Increased interaction with people in your social circle will help increase your popularity on the social front.

Sagittarius Finance Today You will feel contented. Though money flow will be sufficient for the day, you may still look at saving some money. Long-term investment will make you feel satisfied and secure.

Sagittarius Family Today When it comes to family today, you may feel that your mind is going in two directions and you are not able to proceed. Think before you say or do anything to any family member. Try to stay tuned with others in the family.

Sagittarius Career Today Work front will be favorable and you will perform well in any new assignment that you take up. Your hard work will be visible in your performance and this will give you due recognition.

Sagittarius Health Today The day is good with regards to health. You will feel active throughout the day. Healthy eating along with regular exercise will make the day enjoyable. You may start a new fitness regime.

Sagittarius Love Life Today You will cherish good feelings for your partner. You may also share these feelings with him/her. This will make your partner happy and contented. You may go out and spend time with your loved one.
Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Pink

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