Sagittarius Horoscope Today:Daily prediction for July 23,'22 states, recognition


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) Sagittarius natives are likely to enjoy sound health. Effects of sports and meditation may positively reflect on their wellbeing. On the professional front, your dedication and innovative ideas are likely to earn you a social recognition and rewards as well. Your love life may be comforting. Married couples are likely to undertake a private vacation, where they may get to spend intimate time together. On the other hand, your financial front may be a bit shaky. Spending more than you earn is likely to upset your budget. Your family life may also be disturbed as a result. Not fulfilling their financial needs can give rise to tiffs at home. Those travelling for business may or may not be successful in their effort. Real estate agents may suffer heavy losses. Students are likely to do well in academics.

Sagittarius Finance Today Sagittarians, your short-term investments may bring good gains on the economic front. Your monetary position is likely to improve. However, you may not be able to repay your loans, as family business may take longer to kick off.

Sagittarius Family Today For Sagittarians, there could be disagreements at home. This may lead to clashes and arguments. Your family life may be turbulent. Act swiftly and tactfully to defuse tension and restore peace and normalcy at home.

Sagittarius Career Today Sagittarius natives may get to enjoy the fruits of their labour on the professional front. You may perform well under pressure, which may impress your bosses. Forging foreign connections may prove beneficial for your career.

Sagittarius Health Today On the health front, this might be the perfect day to start with a new exercise or indulge in physical activities for Sagittarians. Including healthy food in your diet and practicing yoga daily may help you in maintaining overall wellbeing.

Sagittarius Love Life Today On the romantic front, Sagittarius natives may spend time with their significant other, which is likely to spice up their love life. This may add to the intimacy. You are likely to confide in your beloved and tell them your heartfelt desires.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Forest Green

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