Struggling to meet deadlines? Maybe the procastination is in your stars


For some people, punctuality is above all, they have little trouble meeting deadlines. However, for some people doing everything at the last minute is a way of life. These people are master procrastinators and this habit of procrastinating is sometimes beyond their control. According to astrologers, some signs are prone to procrastinating.

Here’s a list of 5 zodiac signs who are the biggest procrastinators.


In the quest for the perfect decision, Librans usually become the victims of indecisiveness. The Libra is like a human planner, they can make a personalized five-year plan in one sitting. However, when it comes to the execution part, they begin nit-picking the pros and cons of everything. This makes it tough for them to reach a consensus. They keep moving everything to the first day of the next month and before they know it, it becomes their next year’s new year resolution.


It’s almost impossible to get a Sagittarian to buckle down and get the task done. The moment their attention is drawn to something more interesting and enjoyable, they’ll leave everything else to do that instead. They want to keep ticking the bucket list and live their lives to the fullest. As it’s said you can do anything but not everything, these signs fail to fit everything into the schedule and it’s mostly their work that suffers.


Although Pisces are the most introverted zodiacs who barely kill time socializing they often end up being the victims of their own minds. These daydreamers have a lot of privacy and time but they spend most of it fantasizing and creating fictitious scenarios in their heads. They live in their dream world and it’s hard for them to stay focused in reality for long hours as they easily tend to get distracted by their own thoughts.


Tauruses are the unsaid champions of procrastination. They push tasks to the eleventh hour after which they begin thinking of reasons why they should not be done. They have a taste for the simpler things and will never miss the opportunity of a refreshing, relaxing short nap but before they know it six hours are passed and the deadline has been missed again. They are quite addicted to instant gratification and find it hard to focus on long-term goals.


These charismatic, charming babies are sure that they are a real hoot. They love it when all eyes are on them. Naturally-born performers, they love to be on stage. They often picture themselves standing in the hall of fame but as much as they love the limelight, they struggle to put in the hard work it takes to get there. So, buckle up Leo or you’re gonna have to settle for being behind the scenes.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are based on Vedic astrology scriptures. Reader discretion is advised.)



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