The relationship between the sun sign and the moon sign


Our signs can be a great way of understanding why and how we are, as we are. They help us relate with ourselves and focus on our lives and actions. While sun signs are what most people know about, moon signs are just as important.

The sun signs are our days and the moon signs are our nights. The brighter parts of us with the darker ones.

A sun sign is the position of the sun during your birth. It is based on the twelve constellations that exist and are mostly determines by the date of birth. Sun signs are an outer projection of you. It is the mirror of your existing self accompanied by doctor Strange’s halo to your future self.

The moon sign is the position of the moon during your birth. It is your inner projection of you. It is determined by your birth date, birth time, and birthplace. It’s the hidden you. Your moon sign may strongly reflect your comfort zones or hobbies. Things you do for yourself.

To get to know someone better the three signs works together, but a combination of your sun sign and moon sign can help you present yourself better when you know yourself better.

Several combinations of sun signs and moon signs work well together. For instance, Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini sun sign with an Aquarius moon. Whereas, some may cause friction, such as a Gemini sun sign and a Scorpio moon sign.

If one’s sun sign matches with their partner’s moon sign then such a partnership is more likely to last. An Aries moon sign and a Sagittarius sun sign would make an exemplary couple. However, if one, sun sign and moon sign are the same, then they are rare. Princess Diana had an Aquarius sun sign and an Aquarius moon sign and is still known amongst us all as one of the most gracious princesses to ever exist.

Thus, we know that both sun and moon signs are equally important and useful. If it is your emotions that you need to deal with then the knowledge of your moon sign and its current status will be of great help. If it is more related to your surroundings and your behaviour with the external world then your sun sign will



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