This is your biggest Phobia as per your zodiac sign


The truth is that we all are terrified of something or the other. Sometimes, our fears can also hold us back from doing the right thing. In this article, I will share your zodiac sign’s biggest phobia to help you improve and understand your fears better.

Aries: Kakorrhaphiophobia or fear of failure

You are simply the most competitive sign in the zodiac, and you must excel in all aspects of your life. You’re a born leader who strives to leave behind a legacy. You have no concept of defeat. You are only in it to win it.

Taurus: Neophobia or irrational fear for anything unfamiliar

You prefer to stay in your comfort zone and the idea of change makes you uncomfortable. You live to feel comfortable and prioritize stability over everything else. This also makes it hard for you to let go of bad, old habits.

Gemini: Gamophobia or fear of commitment

It’s hard for you to stick to one thing, you’re probably already bored reading this. Sometimes your curiosity gets the best of you, which is why it’s so difficult for you to commit. You’re fidgety, impulsive, and your mind is always racing with ideas.

Cancer: Agoraphobia or fear of crowded places

The load of dealing with crowded places is simply too much for your tender heart. By stress, I mean unpleasant situations, awkward circumstances, emotional obligations, and any kind of social intimacy. Everything is too overwhelming for you.

Leo: Monophobia or fear of being left alone

You know you’re a born star. You love it when the whole world revolves around you and the spotlight is all over you. Being ignored or left alone makes you anxious and uncomfortable. You’re made for the crowd.

Virgo: Atelophobia or intense fear of imperfection

You are the Monica Geller of the zodiac. Nothing compares to your accuracy and meticulousness. You need everything prim and proper all the time. For you, perfection is it. There’s no other way to do things.

Libra: Autophobia or fear of being alone

You’re barely happy alone. Being with your loved ones makes you calm, happy and content. Having a companion brings you harmony and balance. You crave attention and feel cranky even in a crowd if all eyes are not on you.

Scorpio: Pistanthrophobia or fear of trusting one’s partner

It’s hard for you to let people in. Allowing someone to see your true colors makes you uncomfortable. You guard your heart like no other person. The truth is you’ve gone through a great deal of emotional suffering and you can’t seem to trust anyone.

Sagittarius: FOMO or fear of missing out

You like to live your day as if it were the last. You want to make every moment count. Your unquenchable curiosity and thrill-seeking nature are seen in your constant search for the most exciting and new experiences.

Capricorn: Atychiphobia or fear Of failure

For you, winning is the only option. Nobody can ever stand in your way of success due to your punctuality, tenacious focus, and drive. You have a blazing ambition, and you never consider giving up.

Aquarius: Mysophobia or fear of germs

You may go out of your way to avoid situations which expose you to germs. In addition to being a germaphobe, you also fear losing your ability to reason independently. You may find yourself stuck in a vicious circle of repetitive habits that affect your quality of life. This may also come off as OCD to other people.

Pisces: Hypegiaphobia or fear of taking responsibilities

You run as fast as a Cheetah when it comes to taking responsibility. You’re often away daydreaming, creating fantasies, and escaping reality in every way possible. In fact, you’d almost prefer someone to sell you a load of nonsense rather than to be honest with you.



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