University Admissions:Tips to fight stress and rejection as per your zodiac sign


College and university applications are currently underway. Some students will be ecstatic to see their names on the acceptance list for the college of their dreams, while others will be devastated if they are not accepted. Life is full of ups and downs, and each zodiac sign handles stress and rejection in a unique way. Let’s have a look at how various zodiac signs are wired when it comes to stress management and their stressbusting skills.

Aries: To maintain their degree of autonomy, they tend to take a hard line when confronted with difficulties. Avoiding social interaction may seem like a stress-reduction strategy to many, but not for them. They enjoy being the centre of attention and in charge. Not even for a second should they consider remaining in. Do something sociable, like going out to an event or round up some pals and go sightseeing.

Taurus: Because of their fixed character, they may take longer than usual to overcome their unpleasant feelings. Having to deal with other people is just another source of stress for them. They must have time alone to calm down and collect their thoughts. They would be better off hiding out in their home for a while. They require a tranquil setting in which to relax. They benefit by going on a walk in a peaceful area.

Gemini: They possess a great deal of nervous energy, which can shoot up under stress. The first step in overcoming stress is to seek out fresh opportunities and information. Travel is a terrific approach to relieve the stress of daily living if they are feeling stuck. If travelling is not an option, watch an adventure show. Anything that is instructive, interesting, and stimulating will work.

Cancer: When under pressure, nothing helps them more than spending time with loved ones. As a result, when they are feeling anxious, they seek solace in their close group of friends and family members. They can be roused from their slumber by preparing a tasty fresh meal or meeting a close friend. They need to be able to share their feelings in order to feel renewed afterwards.

Leo: For them, the show must go on! When they are feeling stressed out, they shouldn’t just sit around and dwell on their problems. They need to get outside and breathe the fresh air. If they don’t take the initiative to generate new, positive experiences for themselves, they may end up feeling even more anxious. The best method to overcome a challenge is to step back and look at it objectively.

Virgo: They can easily go down a rabbit hole of despair if they dwell on a problem for too long. They have an insatiable curiosity for specifics and an extremely difficult time relaxing. They need a new goal, one that will put their analytical skills to good use, if they are to put an end to that. Their insatiable intellect might be satisfied by engaging in cultured pursuits or by sticking to a regimented routine.

Libra: When under pressure, their work-life balance suffers, and they begin to feel down. For them, the ideal course of action is to do nothing but enjoy the things they love. Anxiety can be alleviated by doing things like reading or listening to music. Acquiring new artistic abilities can have profound effects. They should give themselves time to recharge, but they shouldn’t isolate themselves.

Scorpio: Finding solace in the pursuit of answers to big questions like life and death can help them when they are feeling down or anxious. Adopting a positive attitude about the difficulty and using that time alone to work through it will also help. To break out of their rut, they should try reading literature on mysticism or developing a new interest. They like navigating solutions in unconventional ways.

Sagittarius: Any time they’re feeling down, they like to give themselves some room, as they know that getting some exercise and being around new people helps them think things through. For this reason, they must surround themselves with positive people. But they also value the impression of security. They would be better off throwing a party at their place than attending one. They benefit greatly from the time spent with reliable friends.

Capricorn: Stress for them will come from a lack of activity, when it would arise for other people from an abundance of it. They are pragmatists who relish a challenge. Someone born under this sign strives to be proactive. If they are feeling off-kilter, they should focus on regaining their footing. Make a plan for the following few weeks and write down everything that has to be accomplished.

Aquarius: For others, de-stressing entails mentally checking out, but they like to redirect their attention away from the pressures of everyday life. Their being an intellectual sign, they find that spending time alone and focusing on a mental activity is the most revitalising experience for them. Because of their insatiable appetite for fresh information, they should act spontaneously. Give yourself some alone time as well.

Pisces: They use their creative faculties constantly, regardless of whether or not they are anxious. To reduce tension, they can put this ability to good use. They are able to relieve stress and find solace in their creativity. The mind can be calmed in a number of ways, such as through meditation, the visualisation of dreams, and the creative act of painting. The key is to be persistent and go with the flow.


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