Venus’ Combustion (Shukra Asta) inVirgo: Watch your judgement on love & finance


Venus, the planet of love and wealth, will enter the state of combustion on October 2, 2022. It will stay close to the Sun for the next 50 days, till November 20, 2022. The weakening of a planet due to combustion is a major event in Vedic astrology. For a few days each year, the planets are hidden from view as they approach the Sun at great distances. Weddings, engagements, house warmings, and the start of new businesses are all forbidden during the time of “Venus Tara Asta,” when Venus is combusted. Aside from the aforementioned, now is a good time to wrap up any ongoing discussions relating to marriage, business, repairs or construction. When Venus is combusted, it obscures our ability to make sound decisions about love, partnerships, and money. Everything in our immediate vicinity, whether tangible or immaterial, is more difficult to assess for its genuine value. Let’s check out what each sign of the zodiac needs to watch out for during this period.

Aries: Venus rules over your family life and partnerships – personal and business. This is where you need to make the most effort for them to succeed. Spend time with family and do not leave any room for miscommunication when it comes to your love life as well as business partnerships. Watch out for throat-related ailments.

Taurus: Venus oversees your persona, health, and competitive ability. During this Venus combustion, make sure that you start a new physical regime to keep yourself fit and active. Those in a relationship can witness misunderstandings, while those who are single can feel strongly attracted to someone. Those who are pregnant need to look after their health.

Gemini: Venus is the controller of your creativity, love life and long-travel and hospitalisation. Frequent visits to the hospital are indicated. It is better if you accompany someone to the hospital to avoid negativity creeping into your life. You may not find happiness in your current relationship and may look to move out of it. Plan a long-distance travel to avoid stress.

Cancer: Venus rules over your domestic environment and finances. Use this time to ensure happiness in your domestic life by taking care of everyone. Plan some interior decoration work in your house. Your finances can be affected due to some unexpected expenditure. Take care of your mother’s health and keep her happy. Avoid purchasing a new vehicle at this time.

Leo: Venus governs your power of expression and career. Express yourself frequently else there can be differences in the family. Review your existing saving schemes and re-invest the same if required. You need to work harder than usual to receive favourable results. Use this time to pen a note to yourself sharing your aspirations and wish list.

Virgo: Your life areas relating to family, wealth and destiny are related to Venus. During this period, your family happiness can be affected due to an internal issue. Resolve all issues amicably. Watch out for eye-related problems. Avoid any investments else it can cause worries. Take care of your partner’s health. Work on changing your attitude towards others.

Libra: Venus rules over your health and wellbeing as well as unexpected occurrence. This is not a very good phase for your health. There can be unforeseen expenditure relating to health and wellness. Those in business should avoid taking undue risks and stay away from expansion. Nonetheless, those related to foreign trade will see improvement in their career.

Scorpio: Venus controls your marriage and expenditure. There can be some problems when it comes to your life partner and business. However, your intellectual ability will develop and you could be interested in learning something new. Those who are single can find a special someone, but existing love-birds can face issues. Plan to buy some electronic item for your household.

Sagittarius: Venus rules over your competitors and income. Any pending promotion at work can be delayed. Have patience and don’t be too adamant in demanding a hike. Those in business can witness increased gains and new revenue sources can be prepared at this time. There is a possibility of a difference of opinion with your father, hence take it easy.

Capricorn: For you, Venus is a beneficial planet and it controls your love life, intellect and growth. You can tap into this energy of Venus and strategize your future plans. Make a career roadmap and look for a suitable job change that can lead to growth. Your partner will remain supportive so take their help in taking timely decisions. Your love life will remain smooth.

Aquarius: Venus is your lucky planet but since it is weak, you need to work very hard to achieve your goals. This is a favourable period for any new promotion, but you may not get exactly the role that you have been vying. Take due care of your mother’s health and work towards creating a blissful environment at home. You can plan to buy a new vehicle at this time.

Pisces: For you, Venus rules your communicative ability and your deep analytical skills. Use this period to prosper in the area of research and higher learning. Those involved in the field of writing, research or publication will do well. In personal life, keep a check on your tone to avoid hurting others. Spend some personal time in spiritual practices and enhance your knowledge.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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