Venus Transit to Cancer on 7th Augsut'22: Relationship tips for all zodiac signs


Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters the sign of Cancer on August 7, ushering in a favourable time for people in committed relationships as well for those looking for love. Venus’ placement in Cancer emphasises the importance of nurturing relationships. During this time, the need for household stability and emotional comfort is crucial, bringing out the more sensual and compassionate aspect of our personalities. Now is the time to prove our undying devotion to our loved ones and to express our unwavering faith in them. Additionally, as a water sign, placement of Venus in Cancer requires us to follow our gut instincts and show compassion for others around us. Let us examine what each sign of the zodiac can do to maximise the benefits of this transit.

Aries: Your priority will be your family and domestic responsibilities. Because of this, you’ll want to relax in your living room and avoid leaving the house. Now is a wonderful time to decorate your home, spend time with your loved ones, or celebrate a special occasion with them. The time you spend in beautiful natural settings will brighten up your mood.

Taurus: You’ll be itching to get out of your routine and into new experiences. That can make you want to take a short trip or check out some places close by with your partner. You would be constantly aware of your expressive potential and strive to increase it. Your originality will shine through in a new digital or technological undertaking.

Gemini: Your penchant for extravagant displays of wealth may cloud your judgement and lead you to overspend. You will be eager to go shopping and purchase some high-end furnishings for your home. Your significant other will be pleased to accompany you. You could seek your partner’s advice on how to improve your savings and investments.

Cancer: Self-love is the way to go about things. Look to work on your appearance and personality. You will exude an allure and magnetism that no one can resist. Focusing on pleasure, romance, and enjoyment is ideal right now. Put money toward boosting your charisma and appeal. If you want to feel and look your best, consider getting a fresh haircut or facial.

Leo: Take this opportunity to examine your own deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour. Isolation and privacy will become your closest companions. You need to get some rest and replenish your batteries. Think about your past romantic approaches and how you could make them better. Listening to music will serve as a healing therapy right now.

Virgo: You will get plenty of attention, so be ready to respond on the moment whenever you meet new people. Even as your social life becomes increasingly frantic, you will maintain your wide acceptance. Plan to go out with your friends to some events. If you’re fresh out of the closet and looking to meet people, now is the time to do it.

Libra: Brace yourself to bask in glory. In both your personal and professional lives, you will find that people accept you with open arms. Now is the time to make moves, such as applying to a competing brand or pitching your proposal to a higher-up. Take advantage of this window of opportunity to establish your unique niche.

Scorpio: Strive for growth in areas you haven’t yet mastered, and venture into places that are as yet unexplored. Long-distance travel has the potential to expose latent yearnings and insights that can transform one’s life. Don’t limit your dating options just because you’re single. Love will come to you but in unique and strange ways, so be flexible in your outlook.

Sagittarius: Now is the moment to take a serious look at the routines and habits that have shaped your life. Insights about love and passion will undoubtedly be revealed. Release pent-up feelings and longings, and adopt a spiritual perspective on your interpersonal interactions. Much more exists in the world than you give it credit for. Keep learning on the move.

Capricorn: You finally have arrived at the moment you’ve been waiting for. Relationships that matter should light up the sky and manifest before you. Better and more robust partnerships are desirable. This is the moment to make amends or make commitments. If you’re single, date someone who could become a lifelong partner. Let go of your inhibitions.

Aquarius: A new-found love for your work life could manifest itself. This could involve a lot of your time so keep an eye on your work-life balance. Your partner may complain as you get utterly engrossed in your hectic schedule, so make sure you both are on the same page. The good part is that your colleagues will increasingly become fond of you!

Pisces: Your romantic life is on the verge of a major revelation. If you’re single, you might meet your ideal match so be willing to take it forward. If you’re in a relationship, you will get closer to your partner. Your creative side will see an upliftment, so look to do things differently. Married couples can consider planning for a family expansion.


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