Want to know who is your worst enemy based on your Zodiac sign?


One should avoid making enemies but sometimes it happens without notice. You might hurt someone by being honest or there it can be a very petty reason. Some enemies are made during life, due to differences, while some can be there by astrological predictions.

Several of these emotions for one another can be attributed to personalities rather than acts or words. Our personalities are greatly influenced by the astrological sign, or zodiac sign, under that we were born. Let’s look at which all zodiacs are most likely to be your enemies.

Aries and Virgo – It is very hard to believe but Aries and Virgo can be the worst of enemies. The majority of both zodiacs have very stubborn and Bossy personalities. Hence, they cannot take orders from anyone, and this makes it difficult for them to communicate as well.

Taurus and Aquarius – Taurus and Aquarius struggle to share the same perspective since Taurus values regulations while Aquarius prefers to act independently. They have a very different way of living and deep down do not like the other’s way of lifestyle.

Leo and Scorpio – Scorpio sometimes finds it challenging to prevail in Leo because of the sign’s frequent competitive pressure. Leo also feels Scorpio has a lot of Ego and a self-obsessed attitude, they always try to convince others because they are right and the other is wrong.

Capricorn and Libra – Capricorn can be an enemy to Libra. Capricorns are like social birds and love to socialize with anyone who comes around them. Whereas Libras only like to be around their personal space. On the other hand, Capricorn extremely dislikes Libra’s always trying to please Nature.

Cancer and Sagittarius –The cancer zodiac carries hard feelings for the people they don’t like along with them. It becomes very difficult for Cancer to let go of problems. While Sagittarius takes very quick solutions and moves forward very fast. Due to carrying their baggage along all the time, Sagittarius hates Cancer.

Pisces and Gemini – The zodiac which can be the worst enemy is Gemini. The main reason being Pisces is very optimistic as well as free-spirited by nature. Whereas Geminis are very concerned and revolve around problems or issues for a long period.

In books or theoretical mindsets, it sounds very well when we hear about getting along with everyone and not keeping any hard feelings. In reality, it is hard to maintain a clean and comfortable relationship with everyone that comes in your path. One should always keep in mind a friend or enemy, and never do something which one might regret in the future.



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