Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 3rd to 9th October, 2022


Aries Ganesha says this week it will be better for you not to depend too much on luck for your health and try to improve your health because you also understand very well that luck I myself am very lazy. So keep your efforts towards better health. Salaried people will need the most money this week but due to extravagance done by you in the earlier days, they will not have enough money. Due to this, you may have to face two or four adverse situations. You may plan to go on a religious trip with your family. Also, this will help you to increase family peace as well as a brotherhood among the members, due to which your parents will also be happy with your nature. Those who are involved in any kind of creative work may have to face many problems this week because during this time you may have some confusion regarding your ability. This will also give you a feeling of insecurity about your career. Whatever hard work you put in this week, accordingly you are likely to get good and successful results.

Taurus Ganesha says looking at your health life, your health will be good this week. During this time you will be full of energy and will make every effort to complete all your work with efficiency. In such a situation, you have to stop yourself from paying attention to unnecessary things. This week you are likely to get sudden money from any land or property of your family. But during this, do not lose your senses even by mistake by getting excited. Otherwise, your profits can turn into big losses. You are likely to meet many big people in society this week. In such a situation, taking proper advantage of this opportunity, you will have to make efforts for it yourself, because this meeting will work to get you to respect in the family as well as prestige in society. The time from the beginning to the end of the week will be very energetic for you because during this time you will feel full of energy, which will also increase your efficiency. Only and only thoughts will come to your mind to fulfill the goal, for which you can give yourself till the time limit. This week is likely to prove to be very successful for the students of this zodiac. Along with this, you will get success in competitive examinations and your morale will also be very high this week. In such a situation, keeping yourself away from every stress, let only positive thoughts come into your mind.

Gemini Ganesha says the selfish behavior of a colleague can disturb your peace of mind this week. In such a situation, it is possible that you will not be able to keep your focus even while driving, so this week you are advised to be more careful while driving. Making this week is good for investing money. But for this, if you are thinking of getting a new vehicle or house, then you will have to invest only with the advice of an elder or elderly person. Many domestic issues will dominate your mind throughout this week. Senior officers and your boss will be in an angry mood at the workplace this week, due to which they will be seen finding flaws in your every work. This can lower your morale, as well as the possibility that you may at times feel humiliated among other co-workers. This week will be especially favorable for the students of this zodiac as this time will support you to a great extent but during this time you will have to give up your laziness and keep yourself fresh by participating in physical activities when you get time. So first give up laziness, only then success will be in your hands.

Cancer Ganesha says your health will be in your hands this week, so to improve your mental state, practice meditation and yoga regularly during this time and avoid stale food. Participating in physical activities will also be better for you this week. You also understand very well that before the financial situation gets worse, alert yourself on time and start depositing your money. You will not be seen doing such work this week, due to which many types of financial problems will arise in your life in the coming time. Your family life is likely to be more favorable this week as the better planetary positions in your horoscope are looking much better than usual for your family life. This favorable position will prove to be helpful in increasing your brotherhood towards each other while freeing your family members from all kinds of mental troubles. At this time, the behavior of almost every member of the family will also be likely to be good. This week will prove to be auspicious for you in terms of travel related to work as you will get new opportunities from these travels. Apart from this, people who are related to the field of import-export, are also likely to get money from any travel. Students will get complete success during this period. Along with this, the effect of many auspicious planets on you will also work to give you good results. So students who are dreaming of going abroad for education will be able to get admission to their favorite schools and colleges due to this auspicious aspect of planets.

Leo Ganesha says people of this zodiac who have crossed 50 years of age, will get relief from their previous problems related to the nervous system and digestion. Adopting a good routine for these people will prove to be helpful in getting them out of these troubles. We need money from time to time to run the vehicle of our life properly and you understand that very well. Despite this, you do not put much effort into accumulating your money, which can create a lot of trouble for you in the coming time. This week, you may suffer financial loss due to any equipment or vehicle failure in the house. In such a situation, taking care of the maintenance of these things from the beginning, take care of them. Take special care of speed while driving otherwise the vehicle may get damaged. This week you will find that some colleagues are unhappy with your working style on many important issues. But they won’t tell you that you won’t even think about improving it. In such a situation, if you feel that the results are not coming as per your expectation, then it would be better for you to re-analyze your plans and make the right corrections as per the need. The ill health of the mother or father may trouble many students at home this week. Due to this, you will not be able to put the right energy into your education, due to which you will have to face negative consequences in the future.

Virgo Ganesha says this week, take some time out of your work as much as you can and give yourself some rest because in the earlier days you have gone through a lot of mental pressure. Therefore, this week will prove to be very helpful in giving you physical relaxation while keeping you entertained by engaging in new activities. Therefore, it would be better for you to stay away from more tiring tasks for now. This week you need to focus on land, real estate, or cultural projects as this time is making an excellent combination for investment in these schemes. Such situations will arise in front of you this week, due to which you may have to do many family and domestic tasks, due to which you will feel tired. In such a situation, without getting excited and putting all your energy into one work, do every work slowly and correctly. During this time, you can also take the help of other family members if needed. If you want to do better in your career, then this week you will have to try to bring modernity and innovation to your work.

Libra Ganesha says in terms of health, this week is going to be slightly better than normal for your health. The beginning of this week will be good because at this time you will find yourself mentally and physically healthy. However, during this time you should avoid the consumption of alcohol during fun and party, otherwise, your health may deteriorate. You will have to think twice before investing in all the schemes that have come before you this week because there may be some hidden conspiracy behind the upcoming opportunity and you will have to bear the brunt of it in the future. But for this, you have to show nobility and ask them for help. Along with this, you will also be able to make some new friends in society with your charm and personality. Will make this week auspicious as many natives of this zodiac will get many auspicious opportunities to go on foreign trips so that you will be able to learn something new and establish many suitable sources for yourself. This week may be better than normal for your higher education and if you have been making any efforts for your higher education for a long time, then it is possible that during this time you can get complete success in it. However, for this, you will need to be careful about your future without wasting time here and there.

Scorpio Ganesha says your life may look good to friends, spouse, and family members, but due to some incidents this week you will be very sad and depressed from the inside. Your expenses will increase this week, but you can try to control your expenses with the help of your family members or partner. For this, it would be better if you plan the right budget with them and only then do any expenditure. Remember that whatever money you are spending, it should be for buying essentials only. If you or any member of the house is willing to settle abroad and for this yoga is also present in the horoscope, then this week you can achieve complete success in this work because for this special favorable yogas are being seen during this period. . are giving. In such a situation, if you make more effort than usual during this time, then your dream of settling abroad can be fulfilled. This week is going to be good for you in terms of your career, because during this you will be able to get rid of any of your disorders, due to which you will be seen working harder to achieve your goals.

Sagittarius Ganesha says you will need to change your overeating habit as you may face health-related problems during this time, so it will be better for you to exercise regularly. This week you will need to keep all your investments and all future plans related to their secret, otherwise, someone close to you may take advantage of these plans and give you money loss. If you have to take a big decision this week, then before finalizing anything, definitely take the opinion of your family because it is possible that your own decision can create some problems. In such a situation, to get better results, to create harmony in the family, and to take advantage of the experience of the elders of the house, take their advice in every decision. Will bring progress in your career, but you are advised not to lose your patience and don’t let the intoxication of success come to your mind and come in. Haste. Don’t make decisions. This week many students spend most of their time repairing household items, which may create some bad feelings among the students.

Capricorn Ganesha says this week you are advised to take some time out to improve your health along with work. Also, the workload may increase in the middle of this week. But you will not let the pressure of this area dominate your mind. You were spending a large part of the income on the health of your parents, this week you will be able to accumulate it as the health of your parents will improve, due to which you will also be able to save your money. This week, the children of the house will make you feel proud of your achievements, which may make you look a bit emotional. Due to bad mood of your boss about which you were feeling uncomfortable to talk to him till now, this week you will get an opportunity as his good mood during this time will make the whole office environment good, due to which you can now They will also be seen talking openly on their point in front of them. This week you may feel some boredom while reading and writing, so you can take out some time for a walk or go on a trip and refresh yourself as this will not only develop your thinking ability, Rather after that you will be able to keep it. Focused himself more on education.

Aquarius Ganesha says this week you may get bored with your routine, due to which your mind may try to do something different from daily activities. In such a situation, you are advised that you can bring newness in your life by taking an active part in some activities like sports, this will help you to keep yourself healthy as well as improve your ability. Overall, this week is going to be very good from a financial point of view. So try to use it by making proper strategy and planning about it so that if you face sudden financial problems in the future then you are ready to face them. Your mother’s health will be very good this week, due to which you will be free from many worries. Also, this week your father will also get many opportunities for advancement in the field. In such a situation, the good effect of these positive circumstances on the family will also help in bringing happiness to the home environment. This week there is a possibility that at the workplace you will find that some other colleague is praising all your achievements, so do not let anyone else take the credit for the work. which you have done. This week you will have to maintain good relations with your teachers as chances are that they will be happy with you and their influence will work in your interest in the field of education. Many students are also getting chances of getting scholarships from their school or college during this period.

Pisces Ganesha says you may be forced to take many important decisions this week, due to which you will feel stressed and anxious, and as a result, there will be a sudden decline in your health, but you will not be able to pay attention to it either. You can easily collect money this week because during this time you can get back old loans given to people, or there is also a possibility that you can earn some money to invest in some new project. Excessive interference from your parents or elder siblings may give you stress in your personal life this week. During this, your attitude towards them will be very bad, due to which your respect in the house will also decrease. At this time you will need to pay maximum attention to your work and priorities because your work capacity and creativity will expand at this time. In such a situation, taking proper advantage of it, determine your career from every opportunity. Your weekly forecast is looking good for you in the field of education, which will give good results to the students. During this, you will get the fruits of your hard work and you will feel capable of getting success in the competitive examination.

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