Weekly Horoscope Pisces, 25-31 December 2022: Marriage may bring good fortune


PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)

A new stage of life is about to begin for Pisces natives. Weekly Astrological Prediction says, your career can reach new heights with the help of your optimistic outlook and polished social skills. Long-term success requires a strategy like this one, which may help you achieve your objectives and pay off financially in the future. Pisces natives’ body is likely to feel strong and healthy. You might have been suffering from a disease for a while, and you can finally put an end to your suffering. It’s a great opportunity to start fresh in your social circle. Your mood may be bright and cheerful. Pisces natives would do well to put their professional concerns on hold and spend more time with loved ones. Take advantage of this time to reconnect with loved ones you may not have seen in a while. However, your romantic connection is likely to remain strong, and you two can travel locally. If you’re committed to furthering your education, you’ll have the backing of both your school and your family, increasing your chances of success.

Pisces Finance Weekly

A business operated under the partnership structure is likely to be profitable for Pisceans. You should avoid taking any money-making shortcuts. It would be best if you were picky about who you trust for advice, but in general, you can count on modern counsel to point you in the right direction. Restore order to your life and your bank account.

Pisces Family Weekly

Maintaining peace and harmony in your personal life requires a healthy balance. Your loved ones may not only encourage and back you up relentlessly, but they may also be instrumental in your swift and simple rise to the top. Consider yourself fortunate to count such wonderful people as friends and family.

Pisces Career Weekly

Pisces natives may be provided with the optimal setting in which they can exhibit their skills and potential as an employee. Pisces natives’ standing at work could rise as a result. Those just entering the workforce may land good offers with lucrative pay.

Pisces Health Weekly

You may find that your state of mind is improving, and your chakras are realigned through consistent yoga and meditation practice. Aerobic exercise or gentle yoga poses might help you keep a good frame of mind. Do what you can to satisfy your physical requirements.

Pisces Love Life Weekly

Good fortune may follow you into married life, and you and your partner may be able to work through any differences. This week, your life partner is likely to back you up, so make sure you’re on the same page. Single Pisceans are free to go out on dates and enjoy themselves.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour: Light Blue

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