What you're like as a friend according to your zodiac sign?


Making and keeping friends as an adult isn’t as simple as it once was while sharing crayons and lunchboxes. We all need a handful of good pals because life’s just better with true friends around, isn’t it? Having a clear understanding of who we are helps us to attract more like minded people. Read along to self reflect and understand what kind of friend you are based on your Zodiac.

Aries: The one who makes impromptu plans

People look to you to refresh their lives if the routine of daily life becomes too much for them. Your enthusiasm gets the party started, whether it be a last-minute road trip or sneaking everyone into a sold- out concert

Taurus: The good listener

Your friends come to you when times are tough because of your innate loyalty and dependability. You are everyone’s pillar of support, as you listen to them without passing judgment and provide a safe space for them to express.

Gemini: The personal comedian

You are the social butterfly of the zodiac, hopping from one group to another, you carry laughter with you. The difficulties of daily life don’t seem so overwhelming to your friends since they can always turn to you for some comforting, light-hearted jokes.

Cancer: The “mom” of the group

Being one of the zodiac’s most maternal signs, you have a nurturing temperament that makes you watch your friends’ backs, give them a shoulder to cry on, and, when necessary, turn into a mother hen to avenge any wrongdoings toward your chicks.

Leo: The one who gives the best gifts

You’re a born leader who always knows what’s best for everyone, and this shines through in the way you show your love with gifts, whether it’s knowing exactly which dress your bestie has her eye on but is too cowardly to try on, or knowing when to kick her out of the nest so she can go out and live life to the fullest.

Virgo : The mastermind behind every great plan

Due to your natural problem-solving abilities, you are the one in charge of putting the grand ideas into action. Sending out invites, detailing who will be picked up and where, ensuring trains arrive on time—you,Virgo, are the glue that holds the group together, even if someone else gets all the credit.

Libra: The 24SEVEN available therapist

The magic of adult friendship is no different than falling in love. When you first meet someone, it’s usually a rush of inside jokes, small gestures of affection—perhaps some surprise desserts delivered to their desk in the middle of the workday—and deep late-night conversations contemplating life.

Scorpio: The secret keeper

Your all-or-nothing approach to friendship makes your friends feel comfortable trusting you, knowing that you’ll take their secrets to your grave. You have amazing intuition and can sense what your friends are silently going through. You know exactly how to entice them to share their burdens with you.

Sagittarius: The party rocker

For you, everyday is a new adventure and when your friends join you, they know they’re in for a wild ride. From helping your friends to sneak out as teenagers to pushing them out of their comfort zones as adults, you never know where the night will end when someone is with you.

Capricorn: The friend forever

You are both persistent and reasonable , you rarely let people in but when you do, you are committed to the relationship for the long term. When your friends need you, time, distance, obstacles, nothing matters. You are always there for them.

Aquarius: The low-maintenance buddy

For you, friendship is a voluntary arrangement, and because you naturally understand the importance of privacy, you don’t instigate conflict in the group chat over every missed meeting or blue-ticked message. Even though you’re a laid-back pal, your pals can count on you to be there for them when they need you and you never disappoint them

Pisces: The healer

Great detectives might find the solution to world peace if they could steal your super senses.. Being the first to spot any potential problems, you can figure out exactly what your friends need even when they are silently going through tough times.



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