Birth time correction in Kundali

There are three requirements for a horoscope to be casted namely date, time and place of birth. Date and place of birth in most of the cases is correct, but the same could not be said about the time of birth.  Yet parents fail to keep a record of the correct time of birth in many cases. But no worries, our expert will predict the correct birth time based on the input given.

To check and rectify your birth time you need to provide these details which are crucial for birth time rectification.
1. Date of birth, Place of birth and the range of possible birth times within approximately one hour of accuracy. for ex. between 9 am to 10 am etc…
2. List of key life events. As many of these as you can provide will be helpful. for ex. Date of marriage, Date of child birth etc.

If you want to correct your birth time so contact us immediately.

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